11 Tips To Write Engaging Subject Lines For Your Email Newsletter

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to connect with your community and keep customers engaged. Subscribers would always be happy to hear from you if you have something interesting and worthwhile for them. However, convincing your subscribers to click open those excellent mails is challenging since people tend to judge a book by its cover. Well, that’s where you need to think of ways to create click-worthy subject lines for your email newsletters. 

While email marketing allows a significant improvement in ROI, your perfectly crafted newsletters would be a waste if no one opens them. Now, although most of you think that subject lines are not a big deal, the results of your marketing efforts are majorly dependent on them. 

Why Is A Subject Line So Important?  

If you seek guidance from a digital marketing agency in Dubai and get to the depth of the concept, you will come across various facts that support the importance of an interesting subject line for email newsletters. According to a study, 47% of the recipients click through an email based on its subject line. You don’t have to go any far. Just take a look at your inbox. Which emails would you click open? What do you consider?  

Well, subject lines make the first impression of your newsletter. Those judgy little eyes of your recipients want to see something pleasing, interesting, and helpful enough to spend their time for. Thriving emails and smooth functioning sales funnel is important if you’re selling your products or doing sales marketing. If no one opens your emails, your email marketing goals and ROI are going to trash. 

No worries; research, understanding, and practice always bring better results. There’s much scope of improvement if you know a bunch of concepts and use them to create the most engaging subject lines that guarantee a click every time.  

Tips To Write Click-Worthy Email Subject Lines  

Here are some tips to help you come up with catchy email subject lines to ensure that your emails are read. 

1. An Insight Into The Inside 

Making the readers curious is good, but giving them a little hint of the hidden treasure will fuel their ecstasy. Unless they know that your mail has something beneficial for them, the subscribers will hesitate from opening it. Even a simple subject line will do the work if it clearly states what it holds for the recipient.  

Often the subject lines become too mysterious and overwhelm the user with no clues of the actual content. Instead of presenting the subject lines as a constant call for your users to open the app or take long surveys, motivate them to do something that benefits both of you. Don’t make the subscribers feel that they wasted their time reading your mail. They may get annoyed and unsubscribe eventually. Make sure to offer them something valuable through your mails. 

2. Focus On Them Instead Of You 

While most businesses like to include their company name in the subject lines, they are probably making a mistake. The ‘From’ field already shows the company name; in that case, its repetition does not make sense. It makes you sound self-centred. The subscriber would focus on the amazing deal, benefit or competitive service you are talking about and not your name. 

As long as your subject line and emails focus on the subscriber and cater to their requirements, they will be read. There could be times when the content inside your emails uses “I”, “we”, or “us”, which is necessary in some cases, make sure the subject line is more about the user. Even if you use “I”, “we”, or “us”, you should be smart enough to turn it out to the user. 

For example, “Raw Honey Chocolate – Kick Your Chocolate Cravings with Geohoney” keeps it straight and simple. The reader would know what the matter inside would be about. Also, it smartly includes the subscriber and the brand. 

3. Pick The Right Words 

Writing a subject line seems tricky when you need to pick a few suitable words from the huge library. You need something that would entice the subscribers to click. In that case, it would be great to A/B test your subject lines with suitable words and observe what drives an emotional response from them. 

Using appropriate words to begin and end the subject lines would help you get better results. The words you choose should emphasize your message and convey it in a way that benefits both you and the subscriber. 

4. Get Away From Spammy Tactics  

While you pick the right words to be used in your subject lines, be aware of elements that could get your messages ignored or even get them marked as spam. Every day we come across many marketing emails that use spammy words or elements. As there’s no foolproof formula to know which words, phrases or characters would make your email spam, you will have to do A/B testing. 

However, you should try to avoid exaggerated terms or too many symbols in the subject line. Spammy subject lines fail to earn the trust of the subscribers. Consider writing in a way your readers would speak and then use the content inside the mail to spark conversation with them. 

5. Use Title Or Sentence Case  

If you observe your inbox, you will find that for most newsletters, subject lines are written in the title case or sentence case based on the content they share. Moreover, research indicates that the title case would be a more effective choice when you want the recipient to click through and open your mail. On the contrary, some believe that they would get better results by using sentence case. 

Whatever you choose, make sure you know the effects of using ALL CAPS and lowercase. You may have observed that using capitals sounds like shouting out loud and lowercase would turn out to be too unconventional. Testing them will offer you better views but always pick a writing style that compliments your content. 

6. Consider Using Numbers For Quantifiable Messages 

Along with the right words, you can also consider using numbers for quantifiable messages. While readers are mostly in a hurry, numbers could be a great way to get their attention. Also, numbers offer specific clues to the readers about what they will find inside the mail. You can use this tactic to divide a longer subject line into two parts. You can use a percentage to indicate the effectiveness of your solution. It certainly increases the chances of your mail being read.  

For instance, in the below image the subject line says, “Limited Period Offer! 15% OFF on Prefilled Voom Pods”. The subscriber can easily focus on the 15% benefit they get. Which increases the chances of them opening the mail. The use of all caps for “OFF” brings the focus to the discount and title case makes it look perfect. 

7. Length Of The Subject Line  

Limited characters are displayed in a subject line. Therefore, writing a subject line that’s too long would be a waste. Although it would be equally affected by the orientation and size of the screen, the subject line should generally be four to seven words (40 characters) long. When people can read the entire subject line, there are more chances that they would open it. Different digital marketing companies in Dubai swear by different lengths. To be on the safer side, you can send a few test emails to yourself and look for the right length of the subject line. 

8. Highlight Special Content 

The use of parentheses “( )” in the subject line generally indicates additional information within the content. Moreover, square brackets are less often used and may be a great way to grab your readers’ attention. They are likely to be a little more eye-catching than parentheses. But make sure you use brackets to highlight special content and not just include them generally as a part of a sentence. You can use this as a way to offer common content uniquely. Subscribers would always want to see something new, after all.  

9. You May Add Suitable Emojis 

We are surrounded by emojis on different digital platforms these days. Emojis would add emotion to the subject line and make your message more attractive. However, you may need to stick to some rules according to your business type and the content you deliver. While emojis could help your message to get easily highlighted in an inbox filled with messages, they should be easily understandable, not confusing. Well, remember to keep your emotions under control, as too many emojis may ruin the game.  

10. Preview Text May Be A Good Idea 

With various options available, readers can configure their inbox to show snippet previews along with the subject lines. A small, engaging preview text would be a good idea. It will offer the reader a glimpse of the content inside and increase their chances of opening and reading the email. Make sure the content for your snippet preview matches the goals you set for your subject lines. It should not ruin the effect of a great subject line.  

11. Be Careful 

You would always come up with great subject lines, but it’s important to see how the readers interpret them and what they reflect about you. Since there are many competitors out there, you should be careful about using your words. Make sure that the seven deadly sins, including envy, greed, or pride, are not the major messages in whatever you write. Most of your subject lines may get a high opening rate, but it would be of no use if the user does not react to CTAs.

Summing Up 

Framing the perfect content as per your marketing strategy could be difficult and time-consuming. While newsletters can help you make sure that everything is in alignment, you can always consider guidance from a digital marketing agency in Dubai. However, when you work on your newsletter’s betterment to see improvements in their opening rates, the above-mentioned tips for writing click-worthy subject lines would surely help. Let your subscribers judge your newsletters by their subject lines for good.  

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