3 Must-Have Features in ERP Software for Food and Beverage Industry

Food & Beverage Industry

The nature of the food and beverage industry is such that neither the production nor the consumption can be stopped. No matter what situation brings, Pandemic or any other natural calamity, we can never really stop manufacturers from running the production and obviously can’t suppress hunger too. That means we have to agree that the food and beverage industry is one of the most important and essential industries in the market that has its own charm and will remain evergreen.

However, there are many f&b manufacturers out there who are losing control over their businesses due to increased demand for the food supply, increasing health and fitness related food choices, and an environment conscious group of people who are shifting to more cruelty-free, vegan food items. To help food and beverage manufacturers keep the face, we have got the unique solution for them that can bring them back to the track. It is none other than – ERP software for Food and Beverage Industry. These proven solutions have been well adopted by the food giants to optimize their business’ functional efficiency and productivity. 

If you are not very well aware of such solutions, let us give a quick run-through of the software that can help you know better about these systems. We will discuss the … key features that food and beverage solutions must possess to give you the desired results.  Let’s know more about the same:

  1. Most Important – Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials or BOM is the comprehensive list including the material required for making a product, the machinery required for the same, the number of shop floor workers needed to do the same, and a lot more. This is that most valuable list that leaders/project managers use before starting the project. A good and well designed efficient Bill of Materials means half a job done.

  1. Recipe Management – Because It’s about the Taste After all 

 What’s the first thing you want in a dish, packed item, or any edible product? The taste is right! But, it involves quite a lot of time and effort to design the appropriate recipe that can satisfy the taste buds of the crores of population out there. Earlier this taste was done manually. And the staff used to invest quite a lot of time to prepare a product that is well up to mark, but at the same time it used to lead to quite wastage as well. Thanks to ERP software for the food and beverage industry – SAP Business One ERP that can handle recipe management without letting the employees waste their time and efforts in trying out the new and unique recipes. 

  1. Inventory Manage and Project Planning and Scheduling

What if all is done with the recipe, but, you cannot start with the production because you don’t have the enough inventory/resources. There comes the ERP for F&B to support you. Efficient SAP Business One ERP software for the Food and Beverage Industry can completely free you from this unavoidable situation by getting the inventory replenished before it gets finished. It also takes care that no item is being wasted because of expiry with its expiry management feature. 

So, if you have the ERP that satisfies all these requirements, you are good to go with the same. SAP Business One ERP software for the food and beverage industry possess all these 3 features and you must try the same with a free demo for sure. So, don’t wait more – Consult the best ERP software companies in your area and discuss your requirements.