3 Reasons to believe Tableau as your New Year’s BI Tool

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2020 has come to an end and we cannot be happier than ever. This is because of the obvious reasons that have made us say this. From Pandemic, a risk to people’ health to lockdown where almost all businesses were at stake, we have seen so much whole this year. People working from home adapted to the new normal things including wearing masks and other safety equipment to running businesses online. And we could be no more proud to say that, it was a difficult time for all of us, yet, we made through the same. 

And this was possible because of a lot of things including intelligent systems too. We are here talking about the artificial-intelligence enabled Tableau Business Analytics software; but, why only Tableau and not any other BI software? This is because the level of intelligence Tableau possesses, and the features that it renders are unmatchable to any other BI software in the market. In fact even during the lockdown phase, Tableau was the most trusted BI software for regular updates on the number of infections spreading in the particular area.

If you are still wondering about what has caused the love for tableau in user’ mind, then you must give this blog a read. 

Why we Love Tableau?

Although, there are many efficient business analytics software available in the market which are equally potential and may fit your budget too, however, the soft corner for Tableau Business analytics Software is just unmatchable. The reasons accounting for the same are its unique statistical applications that help the leaders make mission-critical decisions quickly and give them the in-depth knowledge of business data. Tableau can easily turn complex business data into easy to understand insights that can further be used for sharing/making decisions by the management. 

Also, tableau is capable of generating ad hoc reports faster than many other BI tools in the market. It can quickly churn out the data from multiple resources and create the report that you need. This may not sound very unique to you if your software can make meaningful reports too. However, this feature serves a blessing when you are in the middle of the presentation/meeting and need to prepare a report as suggested/asked by the attendees. So, it is clear that Tableau not just adds accuracy to your business data but also the confidence to your presentation skills. 

Also see everything else that Tableau is pro at doing:

  1. Innovative Visualizations: We are quite sure that you must have seen data presentations and reports with the bar graphs, histograms, pie charts, etc. But, Tableau creates next level representation of your data by adding not just the beautiful visuals that are easy to understand for the human eye, but it also creates a short animated video out of the data to catch more attention and build interest among the readers. 
  1. Creative Dashboards: How often do you feel the need for a shortcut to see the real-time data, or the business situation than actually opening the application, logging into the same and searching the same? If you have a very busy life like us then we are quite sure that you must be willing to have a shortcut to this not so long, yet not very patient activity. Tableau understands your curiosity to know the real-time business stats quickly, and thus, it creates innovative dashboards right at your desktop that serve as the shortcut to your data visiting process. This may not be a very big feature, but believe us! This too can save a lot of your time and can give you confident updated data as and when needed. You simply have to look at your desktop and the updated stats can be found.
  1. Artificial Intelligence: Now this is something, you would surely agree to, Business Analytics software may be intelligent, certainly because they are converting a complex thing into a simplified form. However, not all BI software are AI enabled. Tableau is the next-gen technology application that not only provides you with the real-time data but also solves your queries related to the data and can also predict the numbers for future. Now, this is really big and rare to be seen in any BI application. Tableau’ advanced AI helps you predict the data and make smarter business decisions. 

So, that’s the reason why users find Tableau as the best BI software in the market today. If you too realized the same, then, do enquire about tableau license and make your business smarter too.