3 Tips for Online Gamers Looking for Action

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When it comes to gaming we all want to be competitive. Moreover, thanks to online forums such as VamosGG competition in the online gaming world has never been so fierce. So, here are some tips on how you can improve your gaming skills when playing action games such as eSports.

Strengthen Wrist Muscles and Fingers

To improve on your sustained agility with controllers and keys when playing action games, there are exercises that you can perform to strengthen the muscles in your wrists and improve finger strength. After you have been gaming for a while, if you have not been developing your muscles and strength in these areas, then you will begin to feel the strain and the responsiveness in your hands will not be as good as when you started playing. So, this will have an impact in terms of you sustaining your performance and on the eventual score that you might achieve. Those with the top scores will have strengthened their gaming muscles.

An exercise that you can use is to find a tennis ball and to repetitively squeeze it. You should squeeze ten times inside each hand three times a day. This should be performed in the palm of your hand and each squeeze should be held for 5 seconds before releasing.

Another exercise that can be adopted is called thumb opposition. This is where you squeeze your thumb and index finger together and hold for five seconds. Then, move on to other fingers, doing it three times in each case.

In both cases, practice these exercises regularly so that they can make a difference.

You can also explore other exercises involving your fingers along similar lines and in no time at allnotice improved stamina whengaming. The actions used in games are known to be repetitive and you should prepare yourself for these to last the duration of a game. It will ultimately improve your performance.


Something else that gives certain gamers the edge is their ability to focus for sustained periods. It is about getting into the zone. That is having the ability to block out everything that is going on around you. This means having your own private space to play the game, where you will be undisturbed by others.

It might be a balance sometimes between playing on a larger screen in your living room or on a small one in your bedroom where you can concentrate more. There may be times when one is possible and not the other. It would be a shame to miss out on valuable practisingtime when one was not possible and the other was.

Large screens, however, do enhance the gaming experience. As do high definition setups. Surround sound is a nice feature, too. A quality set of headphones is a good option when you do not want to disturb others. Where games are likely to go on for a long time, you might want to have them close by and ready to grab, so as not to miss any action taking place in the game.

A comfortable gaming space will help with mood. When we relax we have that feeling that nothing is impossible and this can transfer into playing a game. Others may want to be more on edge to remain alert. So, seating position might be all-important, depending on playing styles.

Certain foods can also help with focus and brainpower.

Prior Knowledge of Sports and Their Reaction Times

It is good to have a knowledge of different sports and their rules in reality as this can then be applied to sports of a similar nature in gaming situations.Also, playing a sport for real relies on good reaction times, so will help with your reaction times when playing eSports.

Action games rely on speed in terms of your actions and your quick thinking, so it pays to have first mastered those skills in other situations away from the computer screen. Ask other gamers what they do for a living or as a hobby. It may well be what is making them achieve better results.

So, three things to consider here when you are a serious gamer. The idea that you can prepare your body both physically and mentally is something that you should certainly not ignore. Also, prior knowledge of sporting situations in real life will help with eSports in terms of our reaction times.