3 Warning Signs That Your Elevator Needs Repair or Replacement

Elevators are responsible for about 27 deaths in America per year. Given how widespread elevator use is, those statistics are pretty positive–and we want to keep them that way.

Staying on top of elevator maintenance is the best way to keep your residents, customers, or employees safe. 

What are some of the signs that you’re in need of immediate elevator repair? How do you know when it’s time to request elevator repair service?

Read on for three signs that you’re elevator needs repairs–and in some cases, may need to be replaced, altogether.

1. Your Elevator Is Slowing Down

Every elevator has a capacity. Chances are, you try to let passengers know what that capacity is. Chances are, they don’t always listen.

Elevators can start to slow down in speed if they go through a lot of strain. That strain can occur naturally over time, but it’s going to speed up if your elevator is overused. When it comes to elevators, overuse has more to do with weight than it does with the frequency of travel. 

If you start to notice that your elevator isn’t moving as fast as it used to, it’s time for some repairs. 

2. Your Elevator Is Stopping Mid-Level

Another effect of strain is that your elevator can stop mid-level. What does that mean?

Your elevator should stop when it is completely level with the floor it was sent to. Mid-leveling occurs when the elevator stops in the wrong place, whether that’s halfway between floors or only an inch or two off.

Even if there’s a slight difference between the elevator and the floor, that creates a tripping hazard for passengers. Plus, slight mid-leveling indicates that the problem could get worse, leaving passengers trapped between floors.

Mid-leveling indicates issues with the brakes and requires immediate repairs. 

3. Constant Repairs? Time For a Replacement

Do you feel like you’re constantly calling your elevator repair service? Try working with Auditmate to find out what’s going on with your elevator. If your elevator needs repairs that are drastic and expensive, it may be time for elevator replacement. 

In the end, an elevator that breaks down on a regular basis is no longer safe. The last thing you want is for the elevator to break down with a passenger trapped inside of it. Avoid the distress and danger and replace your elevator altogether. 

Elevator Repair Is Key to Keeping Passengers Safe

Elevator accidents are less common than you may think, and that’s how it should stay. If you manage or own a property with an elevator, take neglect elevator repair. By detecting these three signs, you can save yourself a lot of trouble–and you can save lives.

Having a safe and reliable elevator is an important part of your building’s security. If you’re looking for more ways to improve security to protect your tenants or employees, take a look at our security section. We have tons of tips, guides, and how-to’s that will help you make the best choices for your property.