5 Amazing Ways To Not Let This Lockdown Affect Your Rakhi Celebration

5 Amazing Ways To Not Let This Lockdown Affect Your Rakhi Celebration

Raksha Bandhan is one of the most demanded and popular events of our nation. It is the festival where we have to let our inner brother or sister’s feelings come out and present them all across the world. But here as we know that, the worldwide pandemic is going on and some festivals of our nation are being ruined. But here in this blog, we are going to tell you about those five ways that will allow you to celebrate this special event in this situation positively:

Virtual conferencing:

The most common and generic way to interact with each other can be witnessed by this procedure meanwhile the lockdown. People are looking ahead for comfort that can be most convenient for their time in online ways. So for the sake of the celebration of the Rakhi festival, you can organize an online convention of siblings altogether, although we know that you are going to miss that ritual of tying yarn all around to the wrist of brothers, as it is the day of sisters and brothers, make it count in this way and as thus you are going to make memorable. 

Online giftings:

In our nation, every festival and each occasion is incomplete without gifting something particular item to the subject. As we are talking about the Rakhi festival here, then we can find out that people are much fond of giving a gift to their sister on the Rakhi day for her happiness which is also a good part of this celebration. But as per this damn worldwide pandemic, you can’t even pass a gift toward your sister, but we have appeared here with a solution. 

You can now easily find out your relevant Rakhi gifts online and simply fill in the address where your sister lives, and grant it on the same day. The online medium is so useful that it follows all government guidelines and is easy to reach.

Dressing up traditionally:

Alright here is the deal that we are talking about for the Rakhi day is dressing well for your brother and sister even if you are not visiting their place. The game is here all about the impulse over your brother or sister that you have made yourself dressed well and it is going to make them happy for sure. But here are some dressing ideas that each brother and sister can follow for their perfect traditional lookup:

  • The Pathani kurta for boys and lehenga for girls is suitable.
  • For instant wear, a nice Indian outlook suit and vintage shirt for boys are compatible.
  • Brother! Don’t forget to apply Sandalwood Teeka over your head and girls should carry their worship plate. 
  • The dressing should be a perfect match according to your attire don’t be in a hurry while choosing one. 
  • For younger sisters, they can wear princess costumes and Frock for perfect lookup.
  • Young brother can wear sherwani. 

Memories showcase:

As some of you are going to attend the online meeting along with their rakhi for brother and sister which is the way which is most sincere in this condition. Then we would love to suggest you showcase a nice kind of gift form as the heading is recalling, a nice memory all together is reel is going to be very suitable for your sister and brother love. All you have to do is open a nice software or else gather memory photos, share your online screen then initiate the slideshow and let your sister or brother be amazed at this. it is going to be very amazing and fascinating. 

Spent quality time:

Last one here, as we know that everyone in this world is occupied in their regular life chores, but here on this Raksha Bandhan festival, you have to draw at least one hour for your siblings. The perfect option for their happiness. If online, then you can play games like: Guess the emoji, tell a letter, sing-along, Dum charades, etc. to fill charm and quality in this day. Spending will with the favorite person has always been effective and here are your loving brother and sister, then it is going to be very impressive too. 

So these were all those ways that are going to be very effective in these situations for Rakhi Celebration.