5 Best Places to find French Macarons in Chicago!

Sweet and delicate packs of flavor made by crushed almonds and eggs are often hard to come; yes, we are talking about macarons. No one can ever miss a chance of Macaron Boxes full of sweet delights. We know the craving of these confections as good quality of sandwich cookies are hard to find; there are many bakeries around Chicago where you can find these French cookies. You can find many bakeries selling these cookies in beautiful Custom Printed Macaron Boxes, but the cookies are not the same.

The recipe of these cookies has gone through many changes in past years, originally these patisseries are from France but the Italian influence on the original recipe and undergoing through globalization, the taste has lost the authenticity, now you can only find the original macarons while visiting French bakeries.These uncontested stars of French confection are the most loved ones; it is like a symbol of French pastry making skills. A supreme and elegant symbol of refinement in the baking process; the balance of ingredients for developing unique taste, If you are looking for intense experience while craving for such a masterpiece, here are the best place in Chicago you can visit to fulfill the craving. 

1. Bittersweet Pastry Shop

The bittersweet bakery is located on the lake view; this bakery is bringing happiness on the faces of consumers from years. They make many bite-sized sweets daily, from mini cupcakes to passion fruit bites and lime pies; this place is the heaven of dessert lovers. Despite all the masterpieces made by them, Macarons are one of the top-selling desserts.This pastry shop serves different flavors in macarons depending on the season; currently, they are serving flavors including peach, chocolate, and blueberry. All of these are unique in taste, and you can visit the shop from 7 in the morning to seven at night. 

2. Toni Patisseries and Café

This café is situated on Washington Street and is famous for the uniqueness of flavors they offer. There is no doubt that French sandwich pastries are one of the most beautiful in desserts section, there sandwich-like construction in light and appealing colors make them most Instagram worthy treats. You can visit this bakery to inspire your followers on social media as chef Toni provides you with the unique flavors in the market, including strawberry and lemonade. A unique thing about this café is that you can place a totally custom order, and Chef Toni can beautifully wrap your order in Macaron Boxes just like a gift. This option is also cheap relative to the others on the list, only costing one dollar and eighty-five cents for each macaron. 

3. Vanille Patisseries

The macarons offered by this bakery are full of flavor explosions in every bite. The bakery has three franchises in Chicago, respectively, at Harper Ct., Chicago French Market, and Clinton Street. They serve some of the rarest flavors such as strawberry lemongrass, Nutella, red velvet, and mango passion. You can choose from three styles of macaron boxes, one in a set of 6 macarons, others with a set of 12 or 24. This shop serves about thirty-five to forty styles of mini sweet. Each macaron here costs two dollars and twenty-five cents.

4. La Fournitte

The bakery is situated on 1547 N Wells street in Chicago. This is one of the original French bakeries which serve not only macarons but also different loaves of bread and cakes; you should know that due to all the baking, this place smells amazing, which will surely raise your appetite. They serve you with original and authentic treats without the use of any artificial flavors or preservatives. One of the uniqueness of this place is that you can even order online and select your favorite flavored macrons to be delivered at your doorsteps. Macarons from here cost you about one dollar and eighty cents each.

5. La Petit Sucre

There is no doubt that French bakeries make all the best macarons, this bakery is situated on the W Fulton Street and serves one of the best range of macaron flavors in the city. They have a wide collection of over 40 different flavors. Their range comprises of the candy cane, maple pecan, American cheesecake, strawberry banana, and pumpkin spice, and many more. You will be totally spoiled in choice there.