5 Fashionable Nice Looking Dressed Up Dogs

dressed up dogs

Fashionable dressed up dogs have been on the rise in our world today. The dog fashion is a popular modern style in which folks dress their dog companions, especially in canine clothing and accessories. The clothing pet owners purchase to style their dogs may include, dog coats, cute sweaters, stylish dresses, collars, shirts, and booties.

One can also get customized pieces to suit their dog’s personal taste and also their own style. The most frequent time you see dressed up dogs is during Halloween. Some dog owners also dress their dogs up for Christmas while some dress even for a stroll in the park. Weddings are perfect occasions for dogs to dress up to match the theme color of the wedding or just any bubbly bright color.

A valid reason to dress your pet can be the cold weather. This is specifically for the dogs with light coats of fur. The smaller, less furry, and lighter breeds are more relaxed in sweaters or coats. Boots are also advised on cold days to avoid potential harm. At all times take into consideration whether your dog likes dressing up or not. Perhaps your dog can handle a gown or a hat but has no interest in a coat. Don’t stress, go with your dog’s choice. The goal should be to keep your dog fashionable and still comfortable.

How to find the perfect fit?

1. Ensure you consider the material – Wool is good for warmth but can be itchy to the dog while cotton is good for the feet but can take longer to dry.

2. Take the dog’s measurements- Oversize fits or tight clothes are uncomfortable. The better the fit, the happier the dog.

3. Check reviews online- Look for what people like and what they don’t and why. Testimonials are a great way to decide on the best fit for your dog.

5 Fashionable Nice Looking dressed up dog

1. Bodhi the Shiba Inu also referred to as the Menswear Dog

2. Montjiro the Chihuahua

3. Remix the Miniature Schnauzer

4. Colby the Cavapoo

5. Toby LittleDude the Maltese

Fashionable Dressed Dogs Hygiene

Fashionably dressed up dogs should maintain their body hygiene too. The pet owner should ensure that the dog smells as good as they look. It is highly recommended to research and find the best dog shampoo for shedding in the market.  A good dog shedding shampoo contains vitamins A, D, and E that help in reducing shedding. Hence, the pet owner is able to manage it at a good level that is less stressful to them. Even though you might be tempted to use your own shampoo because it is readily available, don’t. Human shampoos can cause irritation to your hound’s skin resulting in unnecessary visits to the vet.

Fashionable Dressed Dogs Harness

With the rise of dog shows, every pet owner should make an effort to attend one with their dog. This acts as a socializing day for the dog with many other dogs but also a chance for you to see how other people are dressing up their dogs. Letting the dog get to meet other dogs is great or their mental health. Furthermore, this dog shows some mom and dog usually match their clothing. This gives you an idea of how popular dressed up dogs have become.

Additionally, to avoid terrible experiences with your dog at these dog show events, you need to have the best dog harness to stop pulling that will discourage your dog from pulling in the case of too much excitement or aggressiveness. It is highly recommendable to invest in a no-pull harness which is a good method to train your dog naturally without even involving a trainer. The dog pulling is often seen as bad behavior, lack of discipline, and a sign that the dog cannot be easily controlled. This can make the other pet owners avoid you and your dog at these events and make the experience quite annoying.