5 Questions on Adopting a Child in Georgia

Adopting a Child

Even if you are a young couple looking to adopt a child or a single hoping to parent, the adoption process can be intimidating. Georgia is the perfect place to raise a child because of its sense of community.

It may be the home of peaches in the US; it is also one of the safest neighborhoods. Life for kids in Georgia can be very wholesome if parents facilitate them.

Housing costs, street crime and job opportunities make this place suitable for young co-parenting couples looking for kids for adoption in Georgia. The following headings contain the five most asked questions when looking to adopt children.

Am I eligible to apply for adoption?

According to Georgia State Laws, married couples or live-in spouses can collectively file for adoption. The parents looking to adopt must fit the profile of a 25-year-old or above.

The age gap between you and the adopted child must be ten years or above. The state will require a complete check-up for the mental and physical status of the parents.

The hopeful parents must showcase their profile as fit for adoption, which means that they have to sound mind. They must be responsible and law-abiding citizens.

Which adoption method is the best for you?

It entirely depends on the age group of the child you are hoping to adopt. When looking for an infant, the best method is to hire an adoption agency to construct and streamline your profile for you.

You will be able to contact the birth mother of your future child, much like Rachel and Chandler did. If you are looking for older aged kids for adoption, you should consult with a foster home.

What are the expected early fees and expenses when applying for adoption?

The cost of adoption can range from anywhere between $12,000 to $25,000. The agency will require you to pay for facilities for the kid. These facilities include school fees and accommodation. The remaining payments will be the agency fees and any legal consultation provided.

Is it necessary to consult with an adoption attorney in Atlanta?

Adoption is not a simple process if you go about, it on your own. You will need to consult with legal to make sure that you do not have to worry about any clauses or contracts later on.

Your adoption agent or adoption lawyer will guide you to apply for the national adoption tax credit. It will be a guaranteed way of regaining all the money spent in the adoption process after it is finalized.

Many adoption centres in Georgia provide excellent legal consultancy at very affordable budgets. One example is Tom Tebeau, an adoption attorney in Atlanta.

What are the different types/ ways of adoption in Georgia?

  • Foster care
  • International Adoption

You can pick and choose either of these two options. Foster care is a more accessible option. They have lesser fees and can be approached without any issues.

You can adopt a child to fill in your family tree and still get to give a child a fair chance at life. International adoption agencies in Georgia are open for adoption parents looking to relocate one of the many homeless children around the world.

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