5 Strategies to Avoid Yourself from Feeling Overwhelmed While Learning Chinese

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Language abilities can carve a better career path for you. The ability to speak another language boosts your confidence, improves our employability and increases the chances of getting an superb salary.

Right now, Chinese speakers are in demand. Your expertise in the speech will pay off as you will stick out against rivalry, as Chinese speakers tend to be somewhat less common.

When you are deciding which language to understand, there’s no wrong or right response. What’s more important is to find out a new language and research diligently. You might discover that learning is easier if you choose a language that interests you, since you will remain engaged because you’re curious. One more factor to consider is the field you are interested in and also the viability of your choice in the career you want to pursue.

Why Choose the Chinese Language

Keep in mind that China right now is among the world’s biggest markets, which clearly means there are plenty of businesses trading with China, ensuring that there are loads of job opportunities domestically and overseas. Therefore, speaking Chinese as a second language, together with your favorite degree will accord you employment opportunities in a variety of fields.

If you are having a challenging time looking for the ideal job where your Chinese speaking abilities could force you to excel in the office, here are a few tips.

Top Job Opportunities for Chinese Speakers

We all know that numerous job opportunities are available for bilingual employees and those who can speak Chinese are one of the greatest priorities. Among those things which you should make sure before you look for a job is to maneuver the Chinese Performance Exam or the HSK. It’s the sole standardized evaluation that China approves to check the proficiency of Chinese speakers who don’t speak the language natively. It was launched by the Chinese Language UK and Culture University and it has currently held every year in China and several authorized test centers abroad. The test is in simplified Chinese and available in paper-based form or online. Passing the exam is one thing but to be eloquent, you want to practice speaking Chinese as much as you can.

Make sure you have the right requirements and Chinese language certifications so that you can focus on finding the right job.

Your Chinese language abilities may provide you the chance to travel abroad and earn as well. Working in a country where Chinese is the primary language will give you never-ending opportunities to clinic, which will enhance your skills fast. Below are a few options.

1 Instruction

If you are interested in teaching, this can be a very good opportunity for you to find a language teaching article domestically or abroad. You might want to acquire more experience teaching in your own country before venturing abroad whenever your proficiency in teaching and speaking the language has improved further.

Your college degree and level of proficiency will determine whether you’re capable of instruction in high school, university or community college. You need to have completed a teacher education program or a bachelor’s degree as well as certification to be a Chinese language teacher or acquire a certificate waiver.


In case you don’t need to get tied down to a desk job but you’ve got good Chinese speaking skills, you can look for freelance work. You can try out working for a networking firm that accepts subtitling work for instructional videos, TV shows and movies. It is also possible to function as a transcriber, a job which fits those who have excellent typing speed to listen to and transcribe the dialogue into the target language. Given that English and Chinese language videos are utilized heavily by consumers from various nations, this task is a fantastic alternative if you want to work freelance and make money fast.

3. Broadcasting and Media

Many broadcast organizations are looking for qualified individuals to become their bilingual reporters for their various platforms. Of course you need experience within the subject of reporting, good at translation skills and possess cultural knowledge so you’re able to fit the script in line with the preferences of the target viewers. If you’re good at analysis and research and also have experience writing scripts and commentaries, it is possible to work as an information analyst.


If you are a graduate of business and finance and have gained sufficient experience in the area, you can look for a job as a fiscal or researcher. The work entails doing extensive research, investigating industry movements (mainly the contest ) and creating reports for the business. Your Chinese speaking skills would be very handy once you’re working for a company whose main competitors are Chinese businesses, since lots of the info may not be written in English.

5. Language Services

Getting an English-Chinese interpreter or translator is just another option if your Chinese speaking fluency is close to native-level. It is a demanding but quite exciting job. It’s rewarding as well, understanding that you just become instrumental in facilitating effective communication. You can be an expert in different fields, such as medical, financial or legal. You can work for a Chinese translation services supplier or work for a freelancer. You can even work from the authorities or join a private firm.

A lot more job choices are available where you can apply your Chinese speaking abilities. You can join the tourism and travel business or employment at a hotel. You can find work in a travel agency specializing in group tours since Chinese folks would rather travel in groups. Being a specialist tour guide supplies you with plenty of chances to practice your language skills in addition to understand other cultures better.