5 things buyers do that drive real estate agents crazy

In the real estate world, buyers and real estate agents possess the sort of a love-hate relationship. Often they find themselves in a ‘can do, can’t do without’ situation. Though, the buyers do have an upper hand here. In rare scenarios, buyers can win a residential rental property without taking help from an agent. For the real estate agents, there’s no business without a potential buyer. The home-buying process could be a rewarding experience for the agents but nothing comes without its own share of hassles and obstacles.

Buying an individual’s dream home could be a tiresome and arduous journey for both the buyer and the agent. For a harmonious process, the peace of both parties should be looked after. So if you’re looking to purchase your next residential rental property, avoid doing the below things to your real estate agents. They could literally drive them crazy!

Refusing their expertise

The very reason for hiring an agent is to get professional advice. Most smart buyers these days go through a research process and come out with the confidence of knowing it all. This attitude often pushes them to avoid receiving guidance or important tips from the agent. Consider it a mantra, the agent is close to the sellers and irrespective of your understanding has a better hold on strategizing the offer.

Tedious bargain for no reason

We all love to purchase things within our set budget. With the help of negotiation and a little bargain, you could get the home at your desired rate. However, the constant lowballing of the price could leave your agent irritated. Communicate and justify your ask for your agent to take you seriously without having to constantly bargain the rates for every other property.

A constant change of mind

A person is entitled to his/her own thoughts. While purchasing a prospective residential rental property, different opinions run in your mind. Your mind could be set on one element and could change the other day. However, if you constantly change your mind about every little detail like the number of bedrooms, the budget, or the amenities, you’re only painting a hard time for your agent. This could irk them, leaving them struggling to assist you.

Driving attention to less-important things

A recent study reveals that buyers these days focus more on the aesthetics of the property. For them, the outer beauty of how the house looks is much more important than other essential elements like the location, neighborhood, or structure. Having an idea of whether the locality is prone to floods is much more essential than the style of the tiles, the color of the walls, or the type of flooring used.

Ghosting the agent

No matter how frustrating the home-buying process could get, it’s equally tiresome for your agent too. Simply disappearing without notifying the agent just because you have lost interest could be plain rude. If you’re having doubts or would like to discontinue, communicate with the agent and let them know. They will rather appreciate clarity than be left on a cliff-hanger.