5 Tips To Choose A Bridal Makeup Artist

I remember the day when my boyfriend (now husband, duh!) went down on his knees and proposed to me. It was the best day of my life. But I hardly knew, saying yes, will just be the tip of the iceberg. The real task was hidden right below it. So, what followed next, was my family being overjoyed, heads being put together to plan my wedding, but the point was – it’s MY wedding! So, am going to plan it. And from that day started my journey on making lists, selecting the best caterers, the best venue, the best dress, the best florist and so much more. As you can see, from the amount of ‘bests’ I have used, I wanted everything to be perfect – even the PERFECT makeup. Therefore, I started dialling various numbers and calling up my friends who have already gone through this phase, so that I can get the best recommendations. And I did get the contact numbers of some amazing makeup artists, but I still had to sort through the long list that I created so that I could get the best bridal makeup artist in Delhi.

So, being the perfectionist that I am, you can trust me and rely on the factors that I considered towards getting the best bridal makeup artist in Delhi.

1. Having An Insight Towards What You Really Want

Right before you have even begun searching for the best bridal makeup artist in Delhi, start with understanding what you really want. There are various looks that you can opt for- such as the cool nude look, the bright look, or a simple day makeup. Makeup artists are known to be expert in one or two of the mentioned types. As soon as you have decided your look, go through the portfolio of the artist, and try to find out if they are an expert in what you are looking for. In case, you have difficulty in finding the exact information in their portfolio, call them and talk to them directly.

2. Always Opt For A Trial Makeup

The best bridal makeup artist in Delhi will provide you with a trial makeup before you are ready to finalize them. I have seen some of my friends skip this trial, and right on their wedding day, they get stuck with something they did not wish for. Trust me, you do not want to be in that ugly position on your wedding day. So, my advice will be to talk to your makeup artist, explain to her or show her the look that you want, and let them give you a trial makeup. If you like it, it’s a thumbs up else a thumbs down.

3. Being On The Same Page

It’s very important to find a makeup artist that listens to you and understands your needs. I have encountered a few artists that pay no heed to their customers, and do as they want. This is something that you need to avoid. So, go for the best bridal makeup artist in Delhi, someone who has the patience to listen to you, but also give constructive suggestions towards what is best for you. You and your makeup artist need to be on the same page before your wedding. In case you even encounter a bad hair day on your wedding day, she should be able to handle it calmly instead of putting extra pressure on you.

4. Check The Makeup Brands

Most brides skip this part, but I beg you not to. Skincare is very important, that too if you intend to look flawless on your wedding day. Check the products and brands that your makeup artist uses. Some brands can be cheap and may cause allergy or an unavoidable pimple-breakout on your face. In case, your makeup artist does not use the brands you are comfortable with, ask her if she can replace it. In case she doesn’t, well, REPLACE HER! Nothing is more important than your skin.

5. Do A Thorough Background Check

You know what I am talking about, right? Us ladies are an expert in it. If you really want the best bridal makeup artist in Delhi to do your makeup, (Ummm, well) you have to snoop around. Talk to some of her previous clients and gather some feedback. Also, you can check the reviews that she has received from all her previous works. In case you find all of it satisfactory, and have no doubts- well ladies, what are you waiting for? Go for it!

So, there goes my list, that I used while searching for the right makeup artist for my wedding, and I did find the best. Consider all the factors that I have stated, especially the second and fifth point, as they are the most important. If all goes well, thank