5 Ways of Deepening Ashtanga Yoga Practice

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Low standard of living, improper lifestyle and unhealthy food habits have incredibly affected our physical and mental health. Too much pressure of work, deadlines, and meetings has made our lives pathetic. There is no better option than practicing Yoga daily to keep this stress and tension away. Yoga helps you to revive your physical and mental health and gives you the proper stage to rejuvenate the energy by immersing yourself into the holy world of knowledge and wisdom. Be a part of 200 Hour Yoga Training in Goa to learn about the basics, original and authentic concept of Yoga. Goa is a beautiful place as sea beaches, sands, coconut trees, and perfect aura encourages the students to learn in a better way.

The course mainly focuses on the learning of traditional forms of Yoga such as Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, adjustment, alignment, and various other breathing techniques. At the end of the course, you would also learn various teaching methodologies. Apart from the teachings, even the location is amazing too. Participate in Yoga training to receive the prestigious and respectful Yoga Certification in Goa. Once you are certified, you can also teach everyone the art of Yoga Culture and help them enriching their lifestyle. As Ashtanga Yoga is a huge part of learning about the Yogic Culture, here in this article you would come across the different ways in which you can make your practice of Ashtanga Yoga LIT plus Productive. Check it out!

Common ways to make your Yoga Practice Intense and Deep

Here is a list of points that you can keep in your mind before you start practicing Astanga Yoga. Have a look!

Proper Breathing is important

Almost in all Yoga poses whether it is Asanas or Dhyana, you have to focus on breathing. Your Yoga Teacher might ask you to involve yourself in deep breathing and learn new techniques. Now, performing this over and over again might be a trouble for you. Though, you must keep on trying to learn something new and reviving about breathing. You must practice prana as it allows the students to practice the inhalations and exhalations properly. In Ashtanga Yoga in which five long Ujjayi breathe are compulsory, it demands proper breathing practice. 

Make sure you close your eyes when needed

Closing your eyes makes you develop a deeper connection and helps you to concentrate well. There are chances that you might find difficulty in closing your eyes and balancing the pose yet if you try it every day, you can easily do it. Also, you can use a mirror to bring the minor perfection in your poses and postures. When you close your eyes and start practicing, with time, you develop a sense of trust with yourself. 

Keep on changing your spot

When you practice Yoga, most of the time, you choose the same spot as you get habituated and feel comfortable in that area. Though, sometimes, you should try to change your spot of practice. It would give you all total a different experience as it would push you away from your comfort zone. It is challenging but interesting too. 

Make certain modifications

It is good to make a few modifications in different Yoga poses. It strengthens your muscles, pulls you out of your super-comfortable zone and also helps you to experiment and modify the poses and postures. You can use props for using modifications. You can use blocks, bolsters, and straps for the required changes or modifications. 

Try to wear layers of clothes 

Hot Yoga Classes are not recommended, it is better to practice Yoga by wearing layers of clothes. If your body is warm, you can practice the poses effectively. Also, creating heat by this process keeps you warm the entire time and helps you to concentrate well. 

Here, in this article, we have descriptively mentioned the five important ways to deepen your practice of Ashtanga Yoga.