5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Active During Covid 19

The global pandemic and lockdowns have been hard on us all, but kids have suffered the most. Not being able to leave the house and see their friends can really affect their mood and health. Children have a lot of energy they need to spend somehow. That’s why many parents have a hard time coming up with suitable kid-friendly activities during the virus pandemic. 

Instead of allowing them more screen time, try to come up with the ways to keep your little ones active and safe during the pandemic. What can you do?

1. Backyard sports

Do you have a backyard and never-resting children? Use a beautiful grassy area to engage your little ones in their favourite sports. Create a mini football tournament, or teach your kids how to shoot hoops or play volleyball. It can be an engaging and educational time for them.

If they are not keen on specific sports, try to come up with something original. Organise an outdoor game by creating an obstacle course for the entire family. The winner gets to pick out the next family activity for all.

2. Hiking

Are you a fan of nature and fresh air? Then hiking can be a great activity for the whole family. Pick a sunny day and a suitable hiking trail for kids, and hit the road. It’s an ideal way to spend some time being active while staying safe from the Coronavirus. 

Make sure to keep a physical distance from the other hiking enthusiasts. Stick to your own pace. Besides protecting your family from the virus, you need to think about the other things as well. So, don’t forget to stay hydrated and put on the sunscreen.  

3. Bike rides

Is there a better way to quickly get to know your surrounding than on a bike? Cycling can be a thrilling physical activity for the entire family. You can even invite their friends for a ride, as long as they keep a safe physical distance from each other.

Unlike hiking, biking needs more thorough preparation. To have a safe family bike ride, you need to make sure that all the bikes are properly serviced and ready for a ride. This can be an amazing opportunity to teach your kids to take care of their bikes and show them remarkable monuments around the town.

4. Summertime fun

Summer is an ideal season for outdoor activities. If the heat is making you feel tired and your energetic little angels are becoming annoyed by it, maybe it’s the right time to take the matter into your own hands. Take your kids to the outdoor water park that follows all of the government’s safety guidelines.

Only reliable water parks are ready to provide your kids with a fascinating adventure while keeping them safe from the virus. You also need to make sure that the park is well-equipped. The best water parks have a high-quality water play that will provide your kids with the adventure of their lifetime. Different waterslides, activity towers and splash areas will keep your kids active and cool during the summer heat.

5. Yoga for kids

We can agree that the weather won’t be ideal every day. Sometimes you’ll have to keep your children inside, which can be a true nightmare. Playing ball or tag in the house isn’t the best option if you want to keep your home in one piece. Is there something else you can do?

Instead of giving up on their daily dose of the activity, you can try some indoor exercises to keep them physically active. For instance, yoga for kids is an ideal way to keep them active while practising mindfulness and taking care of their mental health. Besides being beneficial for their physical wellbeing, it helps them gain insight into the importance of mental health. 


As you can see, there are many ways in which you can engage your kids during the pandemic. Their health comes first and that’s one of the main reasons why they shouldn’t stop being physically active. Even something simple like a walk around the neighbourhood while keeping a safe distance from the others can be extremely beneficial for their health and wellbeing.