5 Weekly Goals if You Want to Excel in Applied AI Course

We all go through that inevitably terrifying stage of being labeled as a “Beginner” when we join any course. The Applied AI course is no different; however, by joining this formidable course, one thing about you is very distinct that makes you an outright ‘Winner’.

Reason: you have the guts to go after pone of the toughest courses ever designed, and you have chosen to be one of the few thousands (under 100,000) data scientists who have successfully transitioned from their coding roles to decision making using Deep Learning.

Do you know what’s the best secret recipe to be a successful and smart data scientist for the Applied AI Course?

 This blog will unravel those ingredients.

Be the Master of Remote Working Set Up

One thing that separates a smart data analyst from the ordinary mortals is the way they set up their Remote Workplace environment. From firing the fastest PC to removing IT hurdles with high speed internet network, to owning the most upgraded Video camera ever built. Yes, there is a cost to setting up the technology at home– the results are far more assuring and rewarding in the later stage of your AI applied course.

Thankfully, I have a list of items that I can share with you to take on the battlefield.

Clean up your tech junk every weekend to seek rewards of your Applied AI tests over the next week.

Write a Blog Every Day

Data Science is a fast moving specialization. Beginners often find it hard to groove with the emerging trends and techniques in Applied AI and Automation using Machine Learning. In my initial days as a coder for Big Data project, I would turn my thousand line coding samples into short blogs.

I would include the top keywords and research endlessly to keep pace with the agile IT ecosystem that we have finally arrived at, in 2020! Now, with the blink o an eye, 2021 is here too.

Set Specific Weekly Goals

Applied AI course is a lengthy curriculum, yet it is one of the most popular among fresh and professional graduates in non-science specializations.

Reason: It alleviates the coding skills from open source development communities to the main stream fields within 6-7 months of practice. If you have specific goals toward your AI tests and exams, I would recommend you to set “doable” target calendar. Not a day off without coding and research is what I usually specific to my mentees.

Train your Mind to learn New Languages

Python, SQL, and R may be the popular versions but it also makes sense to be on top of other enterprise AI and ML coding languages. Especially, the ones that are built and developed by Google, Facebook, Uber AI and Microsoft!


Nothing serves the warrior than a calm and peaceful mind. A 15 minute training the brain would help memorize the codes and libraries you will use in Applied AI Course.