6 easy ways to ensure delivery of your product via custom shipping labels

shipping labels
shipping labels

Custom shipping labels may look simple and not so worthy, but their actual importance is known only to those who understand how beneficial they are in ensuring safe transit and delivery of products to the customer. If you also want to know how these simple pieces of sticking paper can be beneficial for the company. 

Fragile Labels 

Shipping boxes can hold different kinds of goods. These boxes are quite enduring and ensure a degree of security to nearly all products. The enclosing nature of the strong corrugated boxes ensures that no damage is incurred to the product inside. Multiple sheets of wrapping are done all around the box to give an additional layer of security. 

However, the extent to which these boxes can provide protection is quite limited. After all, these are mere pieces of cardboard, and when they have to undergo extreme pressures, they may give up despite the efforts of the companies. This is necessarily true for products that are quite weak and sensitive. This can include glass products or expensive products such as mobile phones and similar other costly electronics. Mishandling of cargo at ports and even in transit is a common sight; therefore, the use of these printed shipping labels, which mention that the product is sensitive and fragile, becomes necessary. Once the label has been placed, the cargo handlers ensure that the product is not harshly handled; otherwise, major damage could reach the goods. 

Labels on Edibles 

Certain products may not be fragile or physically sensitive, but their nature is such that if they are not kept under special conditions, their utility will finish. This could lead to unsatisfied customers, which is a mere nightmare for the company since there is a risk of the spread of negative word of mouth. To ensure that such a disastrous event does not occur with the company, using customized product labels becomes critical. 

The most frequent items that can be affected by such agents include food items. Some of them are highly perishable, such as fresh food products like meat and fruits. These need to have labels that mention the conditions that they need to be stored in. These products must be kept in a cool and preferably refrigerated place and must be cleared by the customs authorities on a priority basis. When the label mentions this situation, the authorities, as well as the shipping companies, take care of this. Other edible items may require special conditions, but the urgency and level of care required are not as much as in the farther case. Examples of products in this category include packaged snacks such as breakfast cereals and cookies etc. 

Address Labels 

These types of labels are probably the most important shipping labelswithout which successful shipping is impossible. These labels may not be considered valuable by companies, but their worth is only realized if they are missed by mistake. When a product does not have the address on which it needs to be sent, it is impossible that the product could be successfully delivered. Not just the address of the recipient, but the sender should also be mentioned. This is because of multiple reasons. In case the product gets misplaced during transit, it should have the address of the producing company on it so that it may be sent back to them. Moreover, the address of the sender is necessary so that the customer can verify the product. Furthermore, it’s needed so that in case the customer does not receive the product for any reason, it may be dispatched back to the producer, and consequently, further action could be taken. Hence, the usage of these labels is critical for the successful delivery of a product. 


Induction of technology in nearly every industry and task of life means that it was inevitable for technology to get its way into the shipping industry. As per the expectations, different technological improvements were made to these mechanisms. Using barcodes is one of them which ensures greater security of the product within.  

These barcodes make the task for customs authorities relatively easier. They do not have to open up each package and manually check each box; rather, the information displays electronically. These methods exponentially affect the time in which the products can be delivered to the customers, and the chances of them being withheld by the authorities are also minimal.  

Sealing Labels 

Another important aspect of the safety of the shipping is to protect the product from any theft and stealing. The product is vulnerable to any such activity since there is no way in which it can be monitored. However, there are still some ways that can be used to minimize the threat to a certain degree. These can be achieved by using sealing labels. Not only are they adhesives, which are applied to the openings of the box, which ensure that the product does not get opened, but they are designed in a way that even if someone tries to do so, they can be caught. The seal has such features that let the customer know if their product was tried to be stolen. 

In the case of such a scenario, the customers can report this to the company, which then reclaims the price and money from the shipping company. The major benefit of this labeling is gained in the form of satisfied and content customers. 

Safety Labels 

Some products could become hazardous and fatal if exposed to certain conditions. For instance, if a flammable product is taken close to a fire, it can cause a widespread fire that may be harmful to the repute of a company. Similarly, explosive products can have a very similar effect. To ensure any major mishappening, it is necessary that companies clearly label such products with complying labels; therefore, care is taken while dealing with them. 

These labels can be highly beneficial to the company using them. Therefore, if you are also indulged in a lot of shipping, make sure you use them. They are easily attainable if you search the internet for ‘printing services near me’ you’ll be able to find many companies that will provide these essential labels.