6 Most Delicious Candy Producing Countries In The World

No matter at what sphere of the world you are, finding the most delicious candies packaged in beautiful candy boxes to indulge your sweet tooth with or gift to someone is never hard.

Today, every country is manufacturing amazing candies due to their ever-increasing demand, but if you want to know which countries lead the world in the realm of candies, the following are the six countries running the show.


Be it the manufacturing of yummiest chocolates or delectable candies. The United States never fails to take the lead. Hershey’s is one of the most popular confectionery manufacturers in the USA, which was created in 1894 and is known worldwide for its Kisses and Reese’s series. Mars is another American company that has grown from strength to strength. It manufactures some of the most famous candies in the world, including M&Ms, Skittles, and many more. Mondelez International, another giant multinational company, operating in 80 countries, creates the most amazing candies that everyone raves about. These American treats are supplied all over the world in Custom Candy Boxes USA that enhances their presentation while ensuring their safe delivery at the same time.


Switzerland also comes in the list of countries that are known for their delicious candies. A proud production of this country, Nestle’ is a world-renowned food brand that makes the best candies besides its various food and beverage items. ‘Sno-caps,’ produced by Nestle, has a nostalgia factor to it as it has been around for the 1920s while the ‘After Eight’ has a mint filled centered covered with the finest dark chocolate that is relished by all. The most popular chocolate and confectionery company ‘Lindt and Sprungli’ is also a Swiss brand whose lip-smacking products are available in more than 120 countries of the world packaged in the most attractive Candy Boxes that amplify their desirability. 

United Kingdom:

The United Kingdom makes one of the best candies in the entire world and is ranked No.6 for candy consumption according to the 2016’s analysis. Aero is one of the most sold candy bars in the country, which was introduced in the North of England in 1935. Lion bar is another that is loved for its complex texture and amazing flavors. And who can forget the lovely British treat ‘Maltesers’ covered in chocolate that are incredibly addictive? Fry’s Turkish Delights is another one that is unignorable, while Cadbury eggs are also one of the most delighted chocolaty treats of Great Britain. 


When it comes to the consumption of candies, Germany is the one that leads all. The most famous German company Haribo introduced the first gummy candy in the shape of a bear in 1922. Their yummiest gummy bears are distributed all over the world in their amazing candy packaging and are currently expanding in Asia as well. Their production has been started in the UK and expected to be opened in Brazil soon. The shapes of these bears have been transformed into multiple objects such as cherries, sharks, penguins, apples, smurfs, hamburgers, and many more, which are loved by all. 


Japan’s candy industry makes a wide variety of every kind of candy you would imagine. Ezaki Glico Co. Ltd. is a Japanese company that makes one of the best products, including Glico caramels, chocolate-coated sticks that are called Pocky and almond chocolate frosting dipped waffles known as Capillo, besides many other delectable sweet treats. This company runs its business in 30 countries, including North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Meiji chocolates are also one of the top-selling treats of the country. Japanese Matcha Kit Kat is another favorite one among consumers, while a few of its other flavors include purple sweet potato, strawberry cheesecake, and wasabi. 

South Africa:

South Africa is another one that creates the most delicious candies in the world. Beacon Sweets and Chocolates is one of the leading brands of the country, which creates a wide variety of scrumptious gummies, candies, jellies, marshmallows, and chocolates that are the most top-selling ones in the country. 

Now that you know which countries create the best candies in the world, you can probably impress everyone with your knowledge whenever there is a discussion about the best candy making countries in the world. The best thing is that these yummiest candies are distributed in most parts of the world to treat everyone’s taste buds. Their great demand and popularity make the companies go for Custom Candy Boxes Wholesale as the most efficient and economical packaging solution for them.