6 Tips On How To Manage Rental Property By Self

Finding a property management company is easy but do you really need them? It has become a common perception that property management services are necessary if you are expecting a hassle-free life. To an extent, it is true but not 100%. After all, you are the owner of a property liable for every small and big thing. 

The property management company is a third-party entity meant for helping you only. We are not completely denying the significance of a property management company but who need them actually is a considerable thing. Professional property management services are only suitable for those who are involved in other professional activities. 

If you are an owner of a large land property that can be utilized for renting out, invest in building an infrastructure instead of wasting time on other professional activities. 

In this article, we will let you know how to manage rental property by self:

Tips to manage your rental property

  1. Hire regular maintenance staff

Keep one think clearly in mind that you cannot handle the entire property management tasks alone. FOr regular maintenance tasks like vacuum cleaning, gardening and small damage repairs, some regular staff is required. Hire them according to the size of your property.

  1. Advertise on classified sites and apps

Classified sites and mobile apps are the best options for a self-managed landlord to find tenants. These online portals are approachable to a wide criteria of potential tenants. Aloso, most of them are providing services for free of cost. You just have to mention the property details with some images to start receiving calls or messages regarding people who are willing to get it on rent. 

  1. Build contacts with local rental property dealers

Classified sites may not work all the time so you should have an alternative. Stay in touch with local rental property dealers. They will manage to find you a reliable tenant exactly as per expectations. 

  1. Provide adequate safety and security

In order to maintain the trust among tenants, it is your responsibility to provide adequate safety and security. Hire the services of security agencies that provide day and night surveillance with watchmen, security guards and CCTV installation. 

  1. Get in touch with domestic services agencies

Keep contact details of all domestic service providers such as plumber and electrician. Problems like drainage clogging, short circuit and water leakage occur frequently in residential properties. As a self-managed landlord, it is your duty to ensure hassle-free living of tenants. 

  1. Personally handle all finance-related activities

From rent collection to maintenance cost, handle every financial matter personally. Consider it as your full-time business and keep tenant’s satisfaction at your top priority list. 
If someone is thinking like “can i manage my own rental property”, then the answer is yes. All you need is to pay complete attention to property value and tenant satisfaction.