6 Tips to Consider When Buying a New Tablet

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Thinking of buying a new tab? Whether it’s going to be Android or an iPad, the below points would help. Read ahead.


The larger the display, the better you would be able to immerse in what you’re watching. Tablets are primarily used to consume media, so you shouldn’t see a screen below 7 inches. This is phablet territory.

What would be the panel on its front? If you want very bright colours, you would purchase a tab that is AMOLED or OLED. Unfortunately, not many of them come with the two panels. You’d likely see regular IPS LCDs instead.


Would you be able to use a stylus on the handset? The stylus would make manoeuvring it easier. What’s more, you would be able to use the device to draw.

Unfortunately, you won’t get the pen out of the box. You’d have to buy it separately. Depending on the brand you’re buying from, the styluses available would differ.

If you’re going to use the pen to draw, it not only needs to be responsive, but it needs to have a great grip too.


Tablets can be alternatives to laptops. But first, they need to come with keyboard support. Just like with styluses, the brand you’re buying from would affect the keyboards available. Make sure the option you buy has very tactile buttons.

If you can’t attach the keyboard directly, certain tab-cases come with keys attached. They would work as well. As you can imagine, however, they won’t look that great.

lay away
Image Source: Pexels


Where will you be buying the device from? Large online stores are the best choice. As they’re so big, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting scammed. What’s more, you could buy on lay away, which would be instalments with no credit.

Be mindful of the manufacturer you’re buying from as well. Certain quality brands provide different quality products. For example, Apple iPads are tablets that feel like a million bucks. In comparison, Xiaomi or Huawei’s units don’t feel as great.

Processor & Memory

Just like most Android phones come with Snapdragon chips, this is also true for Android tabs. You would get a more powerful processor if the handset you’re buying is more expensive.

Also, you must consider its ROM and RAM. Most people use tablets to play games. You won’t be able to download many if there’s not much storage. Moreover, you wouldn’t be able to run games if there’s not a lot of memory. In fact, if there’s less than 2 gigs of memory, apps would force-close.

Battery Life

Unfortunately, the handsets don’t come with great battery life. The longest they will last is half a day. This is due to how big their screens are.

There’s not too much to consider if you’re on the hunt for a tab. If you don’t have that much to spend, you can purchase the item in instalments. Purchase a unit that comes with a great display and appropriately powerful processor for its price too.