7 Common myths about vinyl plank flooring

7 Common myths about vinyl plank flooring

Vinyl plank flooring is one of the resilient floors. This flooring has got a resurgence in recent years. Like all the other flooring types, today’s vinyl planks are also great in style and durability. They have many changes, and that is incredible. No doubt it is selling like hotcakes. Unquestionably this flooring is among the trendy floors. But, still, there are some common myths. Those myths are in the buyers’ minds, and they also resist the buyers to buy them.

Indeed, most of us are not well aware of all the facts. Either it vinyl or laminate or any other, myths are always there. But remember, before making this worthwhile investment, try having all the prior knowledge. 

Keep in mind vinyl plank flooring truly mimics the wood-like look. Moreover, you can also have some exciting designs that mimic ceramics or stones. Indeed you can have this at a bit of cost. These floors are easy to clean. Furthermore, they do not need frequent repairs. There are many types of vinyl planks that vary in wear layers. 

However, before moving towards the myths, remember you have many options for flooring. Your floor redo is a significant project. No doubt, a floor is a focal point in any home. So, never buy flooring that does not fit your lifestyle. Instead, buy one that defines your style, habits and activities at once. If you are living in busy homes, go for durability and vice versa. 

So, given below are some most common myths that are associated with vinyl plank flooring. So let’s bust them all one by one. 

Myth #1 Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring is not cost-friendly 

 As compared to hardwood, luxury vinyl plank flooring is the least expensive. Now you can get the desired look at minimum cost. Unlike the cost of hardwood, you can have the vinyl planks twice in a lifetime. These floors have a long life span. Moreover, they can efficiently deal with wear and tear. Furthermore, depending on your wallet, you can have both luxury and simple options as well. 

Myth #2 installation is quite difficult 

This is the main confusion we can have. Installing vinyl flooring is a do-it-yourself task, especially with all of the peel-and-stick types available at the moment. You’ll need some skill, but it doesn’t need any experts. 

Furthermore, many tutorials can help you with installation. This gives the plank flooring a personal touch and saves money on hiring a professional.

Myth #3 All types have the same quality with varying cost 

These floors have good quality and high durability. But most people do not know this. However, durability mainly depends on thickness and finishes—so thicker the plank, the more the durability and vice versa. So, vinyl is not cheap. It only varies in quality. Hence buy the thicker planks and enjoy the magic. 

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Myth #4 flooring is old fashioned and has a traditional look 

Of course, vinyl flooring is much different from historical vinyl. No doubt people usually consider the vinyl just a sheet with a lot of flaws. In other words, it’s not less than a cheap floor in the past. However, as compared to old vinyl, today, this flooring has a lot of variations. It is available for both classical and modern homes. All types of vinyl flooring have a good mimicry with wood and ceramics. 

Myth #5: colours will fade away over time 

Vinyl plank flooring has a strong wear layer at the tops. This is mainly a protection barrier. No doubt, in busy homes, there are many chances of spills and stains. Keep in mind, unless and until vinyl floors are in a safe place, they are not prone to colour damage. They have great 3D visuals, and their colour will not fade away with time. So, for good durability, protect the floor from sunlight. 

Myth #6 this is not a good choice for water prone areas 

Unlike laminates, vinyl flooring is ideal in dealing with moist areas. These floors work best in bathrooms, mudrooms, laundries and kitchens. They can deal with most minor to most moist places. However, thick planks are an excellent option for labs as well as hospitals.

Myth #7 No variation in designs and styles 

The flooring store in Columbus always mentions that though, in the past, this flooring has limited styles and designs. But this is not true nowadays. Today vinyl planks have a lot of designs, textures and patterns. They come in a wide variety of colours. Moreover, these floors mimic hardwood as well as ceramics, so choose wisely. All the looks are unique and add a chic to your place. 


Vinyl plank flooring is a versatile flooring choice. Regardless of the space, you can use these floors anywhere. Luxurious look, high durability, styles, colors, and textures are the main factors that will let you opt for this. With the revolution in technology, michael tell that these floors have now improved over time. Today, regardless of the traffic, they are used by all. So, don’t believe in the myths. Do your research. Buy these floors to have the plushest look you have wished for.