7 Reasons Why Mi TV is Better Than Other Brand Models

Mi smart tv

At the end of 2020, Xiaomi celebrated having sold over 5 million Mi TVs in India over the last two years. The brand, according to a Counterpoint Research study released at the start of the last fiscal, had already been leading the market for eight quarters. While last year’s results are yet to be revealed, in the year prior, Mi TV had 27% market share among smart TV manufacturers in India. This was already 3% higher than 2018 numbers, when the brand held the highest share. Moreover, the brand reportedly holds 50% of the Android TV market. 

Mi smart tv

Clearly, Indian smart TV buyers seem to find Mi TVs to be better than other brand models. So what exactly makes these TVs so much more popular? 

  1. Xiaomi wants its Mi TVs to always be ahead of the competition

In an interview last year, a brand spokesperson explained that Mi looked to keep its TVs one year to one and a half years ahead of the competition, when it was launching a new model. Thus, an overall better collection of specs for the price tag is what has kept Mi TVs in the lead. In the following points we will explore each of these specs individually. 

  1. Display features 

HD Ready screens, 4K panels, and excellent pixel density across price points are some of the display-related brownie points scored by Mi TVs. Let us take the example of the 50-inch Mi TV, the Mi TV 4X 50. It comes with a 4K panel, and a display resolution of 3480 x 2160 pixels, along with a 60Hz refresh rate. Refresh rate refers to the number of times that the picture you see on the screen is refreshed per second. 

  1. Sound

Buyers can expect 20W Dolby sound from the dual speakers that come fitted with the 50-inch Mi TV, and most other models offered by the brand. 

  1. Several sizes to choose from 

Living in Indian metros means a whole lot of size constrictions. A few inches can mean that a given television is a no-go for a given house or a given room. Mi TVs come in a variety of sizes. Is the Mi 55-inch TV not fitting in your given space? But you want a large TV? You can always opt for the 50-inch Mi TV. Other options include 32-inch, 40-inch and 43-inch LED TVs. All pocket-sizes are welcome too; you can get a Mi TV for anywhere between Rs. 14,000 and Rs. 40,000.

  1. They keep costs low and pass the benefit on to customers 

Mi came up with the novel idea of reducing the cost in offline stores by talking some of their mobile retail partners into selling their products. According to a Mi spokesperson, this was a move to keep costs low in order to maintain the cost proposition presented by the brand.

  1. Strict testing standards

Insiders will tell you that Mi has a band of over 30 in-house personnel, who do rounds of testing units so as to fix any bugs that might exist even before the product is put on the market. The brand also has a  fan club that is given the opportunity to test products early, in order to give the brand any valuable insights. 

  1. After sales service 

A user may get his Mi TV serviced at any one of Xiaomi’s 700+ service centres which reportedly cover about 12,000 post-codes. Almost all servicing is done within 24 hours of a request being placed, according to the brand. The service centres are also the contact points for customers to get the installation of their TVs done. 

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