Ilhavo, Portugal – SADIF Investment Analytics, announces a new summary due diligence report covering Changjiang %26 Jinggong Steel Bld. (Group) (600496). The report uses SADIF’s powerful StockMarks™ stock rating system and contains important analysis for any current or potential Changjiang %26 Jinggong Steel Bld. (Group) investor. 

Report Summary: Changjiang %26 Jinggong Steel Bld. (Group) is an average quality company with a neutral outlook. Changjiang %26 Jinggong Steel Bld. (Group) has medium business growth and is run by passable management. The trend in Changjiang %26 Jinggong Steel Bld. (Group) fair value exchange rate against its closest rated-competitor, China Railway Erju Co., Ltd., has been depreciating over the past 2 weeks. When compared to its closest peer, Norinco International Co Ltd., Changjiang %26 Jinggong Steel Bld. (Group) shows similar overvaluation and is more likely to outperform the market. 

The 10-page report breaks down the Total StockMark into its three components – business, management and price, performing an in-depth analysis of Changjiang %26 Jinggong Steel Bld. (Group) for long-term investors. 

The report has been distributed to Thomson Reuters. It is available in Investext from multiple professional platforms including Thomson Research, Thomson ONE Banker, DIALOG/INTELLISCOPE, Thomson Gale, West Services, Advisen, Alacra-Datadownlink, Factiva, INTERNET SECURITIES and LEXIS/NEXIS or directly from SADIF-Investment Analytics at: … 

SADIF-Investment Analytics is an independent investment research company covering sixteen different markets and over 12,000 companies. The StockMarks™ system is based on proven investment principles and is designed to drive long-term returns.