9 Hot Branding Tips and Trends Everyone Should Know for 2021

The years that pass continue to redefine humanity. As well as the collective tastes and principles that each person has. It reflects the numerous trends and norms that each person has.

As new generations coming in, this also sparked a new set of trends. The ones that would attract new customers to your business.

The shift now is towards personalization and connection. Branding gains a human side to it. You might find something that would work great for your business if you look at the latest branding trends.

Today, we will explore these branding trends and tips. We will find ways to entice new customers in the upcoming new year.

1. Putting a Face to the Name

One of the branding trends you would see come to form is adding the human element. You see this come into play with how brands take this up by attaching the face to the name. This creative approach in humanizing the brand lends well to logo designs.

The setup for this trend is that companies use an illustrated depiction of a real person. This approach opens up a variety of artistic styles to suit the type of brand. It can go towards a lifelike and artistic appearance or a more cartoonish style.

2. Social Media Interaction

Another method of humanization can appear in the use of social media. Businesses can take advantage of this. Thus allowing them a channel to communicate with customers.

Each social media platform opens up a different set of rules that you can operate in. This allows you to take advantage of its quirks to gain visibility and conversion.

Instagram takes advantage of the engagement and interaction from users. Here, it measures engagement by the number of comments or likes on the post.

Meanwhile, Facebook also allows for engagement with other users through its business pages. It also provides a more formal-looking business page.

3. Video Marketing

Video marketing covers a whole range when it comes to retention and recall. As a form of content, you can use this to market your brand with a more creative and informative style.

This is one of the more expressive media forms that you can take advantage of. Especially in how it appeals well to creative trends and approaches.

You have about eight out of ten customers watching product videos. Here, they pick more information about the product.

About 70% of them share the videos on social media, increasing the reach of such content. This leads to increased conversion rates.

4. The Expressionist Style

A quirky art style and color choice can help with increasing the brand’s memorability and recognition. It allows for it to stick into the minds longer due to how unique and one-of-a-kind the design is.

This usually utilizes hand-drawn illustrations. Allowing for an easier time to experiment and improvise.

The designs vary by brand. Although among the usual subjects include anthropomorphic animals for the absurdity.

As for color choice, you can go with intense colors that deviate from the traditional. Using non-natural color schemes provides different variations.

This can make the design striking and intense. When used well, it can speak a lot about the brand you market.

5. Implementing Geometry

Geometry has its place in design. How it applies to the design tends to vary according to the brand’s identity.

Some brands would incorporate geometry seamlessly. Whether it is through its linear application on websites. Its angular and organized approach also points towards geometry.

This particular trend comes into full force once more in the upcoming year. As a branding tip, consider using the geometric and linear design elements as it draws from your logo. You can see it blend well in various products and merchandise that you have.

Take advantage of the neat lines as you lay them out on the packaging. Use geometric shapes to create dazzling patterns that suit your brand. You can even use two different colors to create an interesting design out of the angles and patterns, something to keep in mind when you order custom dome labels.

6. Monochromatic Palettes

For logo designs, using monochromatic palettes offers an aesthetic that makes a logo look and feels uniform and professional. The other advantage this poses is in the aspect of printing and putting it into a physical form. It opens up a means to streamline the costs.

Following the principle of simplicity, a monochromatic color scheme lends well to use only a single shade of color throughout the design. With this color choice, it brings the logo to rely on the line and form to make it distinct and recognizable.

Some designers would take note of this fact and choose to use at least two shades of a single color to add a sort of gradient effect. This adds a different effect altogether.

7. Taking a Stand

One of the notable ways to catch the attention of the new generation, especially Gen Z, is to show that you stand for an admirable cause. How the world went this year and in previous years, pushes the need for brands to take a stance on various aspects of society. This could be towards the environment, or towards society and so on.

Integrating your stance into your brand identity can bring in customers that rally behind that cause. You can reflect this through your branding materials and show what you fight for.

8. Roughness in Design

An interesting approach in design is to go for intentional roughness. This works well when your brand identity leans towards that style. Having this intentional roughness reflects on the choice of shapes, colors, and text.

9. Flat and Semi-Flat Design

Logos now shift from the sophisticated 3d design to a more flat design choice. These logo designs depart from creating an illusion into creating a simpler design for the logo and layout. This will likely continue to be among the best branding trends in 2021.

Start the New Year With the Latest Branding Trends

Knowing and learning about the latest branding trends can help you prepare for the new year. These trends can push you towards creating a modern and updated touch to your brand. This shows how your business also flows with the changes, making it relevant and appealing.

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