A Complete Guide To Demolish Home Safely

The Demolition of the house is a simple and easy process for professionals. It can be complicated who is going to conduct for the first time. Lots of thoughts fluctuate in your mind while tearing down a house property like whether something left in the house or not etc. But don’t worry, our guide for home demolition will provide complete knowledge for the demolition process. That will leave no corner for any mishappening. 

  • Know About Different Demolition Methods

Basically, there are two major ways to demolish a house, you need to choose one that suits your requirement:

Mechanical Demolition

This is the most common way of demolition and can complete the whole process within few hours only. Special heavy machines like excavators with different attachments are used to carry out the process. There are different machines applied later on like trailers or dumpsters to clean debris and other material. This is an easy and cheapest way to complete the demolition process.  


Destruction is a process of tearing buildings manually into the piece by piece and find out the reusable and recyclable material. This type of destruction is highly popular in properties where the owner feels there can be a number of reusable items or houses which are not so old. There doors, windows, beams and much more almost 70% of material seems to be recyclable. Even other useful high-cost materials like pipes, light fixtures, take off doors, tubs, copper pipes, window glasses etc. are reusable or can be salable for high cash. 

But, it is a much expensive demolition process compared to mechanical demolishing. This consumes also two to three times more labors and definitely their labor charges too. 

Deconstruction + Demolition

This method is based on a combination of both deconstruction and demolition. This is the best way to get valuable material from the property and demolish it in a shorter period. Here owner gets complete value of salvage material. And after removing important material safely demolition from heavy machinery is completed. This is called an efficient, affordable, and environmentally method.

Hiring a professional demolition contractor is the best way to demolish your house quickly without any mishappening. As a professional meet at the site and find all the pros and cons of the property. That leaves less scope to other property damage. Keep in mind, always ask for every detail in writing from the contractor. This will help to eliminate future hassles.  

  • Inspect House From Professionals

Always ask the demolition company to inspect the property from all ends before going to begin the demolition process. Sometimes, there can be chances of hiding children or pets under stairs or in a wardrobe. Inspecting the property and marking it safe can save from major accidents. In addition, check molds, lead paint, rotted wood, asbestos, and other hazardous material. This can protect the next house from early damage as you can fix the issue prior to happening.

  • Get Permission

Before going to begin the demolition process, it is necessary to get permission from local and state governments. You can also approach government websites for more information. There complete detail about notifications, noise, debris disposable and hours of demolition etc. remember, always hire a demolition company that aware of such laws and ways to follow them. Otherwise, it can create a big blunder.

  • Disconnect All Utilities

The next step is to disconnect all house utilities like water, electricity, sewage and gas supply. Most important, electricity connection can be a dangerous reason for serious accidents at the demolition site. If the supply of other utilities is not terminated, the neighbors can be under risk of losing services. This can also affect infrastructures. While applying for services termination, always apply in writing two weeks prior to demolition. This will give the department enough time to disconnect all services on time. 

  • Stand in Safe Area

After successful utility disconnection, the next step is to protect neighbors’ areas and walkaways from debris and other containing items. For this, it’s good to communicate with the neighbor to have patience and the clean area immediately after demolition over. If the demolition takes two or three days to clean, everyday clean neighboring areas. This will makes demolition easier and neighbor won’t be affected anymore.

  • Arrange Salvage

While housing demolition you will surely have salvage materials that can be easily reused or recycled. Rather than putting them into the trash, its good to give these materials for charity. There are a number of organizations using these materials or selling them to generate some cash. Hence, offering them will help to put some share for a noble cause.  

  • House Teardown Process

Sometimes tearing down process can take lots of time. Therefore, it is essential to hire the right hydraulic hammer with relevant attachments. These will save time and complete the demolition process in the least time. So, always choose the right destruction material and machinery to complete the process as soon as possible.

Hope the above information provides complete guidance for safe house demolition work. Keep in mind, machinery plays an important role in quick demolition. So always hire the best demolition equipment from the authorised company only!!!