A Definitive Guide on Where to Buy Wholesale Fabric

Are you wondering where to buy wholesale fabric?

We have the answers. This article is a guide to finding the right materials and colors, sourcing wholesale fabric, and where you can find suppliers.

If you want to find reliable places to buy wholesale fabric, continue reading.

Pick Your Materials and Colors

When it comes to buying wholesale fabric, you’ll need to plan the materials and colors you want to use.

Consider what items you’re making and what season you’re making them for. For example, if you’re sourcing fabric for a line of shirts or a pair of shorts, the material you choose is important.

Whether it’s 100% cotton or linen fabric that you’re looking for, you also will need to take into account the season that your items will be used.

Your color palette matters. Try planning light, classic colors for warm seasons and earthy, dark colors for colder seasons. Thinking in terms of the colors and styles you’re planning will factor in where and how you buy your fabric.

Plan Your Usage

How much fabric are you going to need? The more you buy wholesale, the less you’ll pay for it.

Plan out the lengths of fabric you want for what you’re making and feel free to communicate with your wholesale fabric supplier for answers to questions regarding these topics:

  • What fabrics are available and in stock
  • What the minimum order quantity is
  • The price per yard
  • What weight and width they offer
  • The terms of payment

Before buying from a wholesale fabric supplier, it’s important to take these considerations into account. You won’t want to buy too much fabric or the wrong kind, so clarify with your supplier as much as needed.

Find a Reliable Supplier

There are countless places to look for wholesale fabric, but only several offer reliable services.

When choosing a supplier, make sure that they are known for their reliability. One common problem buyers find with wholesalers is that fabric that they’ve bought before doesn’t get restocked or there isn’t enough fabric to continue selling.

Make sure your chosen supplier is reputable for quality fabrics, fair prices, and good reviews. This will benefit you in the long run.

Where to Buy Wholesale Fabric

When sourcing fabric, there are more ways to buy wholesale than you might think. Alternative ways include methods such as agents or sales reps, trade shows, and online.

Agents or Sales Reps

You might find that agents or sales representatives link you to great fabric wholesalers. This can be the most expensive option but produces great results.

Connecting with a network of wholesale fabric suppliers will garner great fabrics to choose from.

Trade Shows

The best way to directly interact with suppliers and sample fabrics is to go to trade shows.

Building personal relationships with wholesalers and interacting with different suppliers helps to discern between qualities of fabrics and find the best prices.


If you’re looking to buy reliable wholesale fabric, shopping online is one of your best options. When searching online for wholesalers, you’ll need to verify that they’re reliable.

Take a look at their reviews and how they communicate to discern between suppliers online.

Benefits of Buying Wholesale Fabric

When searching for where to buy wholesale fabric, you’ll find that taking the time to experience different suppliers will pay off.

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