A Quick Guide For Dance Insurance

eaching and practicing it on a personal level. There is a huge difference in both these applications of dance, but the risk remains the same. You can easily end up with an injury or legal issue that may strip off your earning or profit. 

Luckily, there is a solution to these problems, and it’s called dance insurance. Here’s all you need to know about it. 

What Is Dance Insurance?

Dance insurance is a type of business insurance that focuses on the risk involved in dancing activities. Its terms and conditions are developed to meet the special needs of professional dancers or dance studio owners and prevent them from losses.

You can use the dance insurance to cover your back for injuries, lawsuits, property protection, and many more.  Some companies may even offer extra protection offers for their customers that will cover vandalism and property dispute issues under the insurance. 

What Is Covered Under the insurance?

The dance insurance is specifically tailored for dancers and dance studios. So, you can expect them to cover every aspect that can cause losses in this field.

Usually, the insurance will have coverage for your property, personal liability, and general liability. The insurance company may also add some extra benefits to cover your students and other assets. However, it’s subjective, and you should have a discussion with the insurance company or agent to find more on this part.

What Is Not Covered Under Dance Insurance?

Like every other insurance policy, dance insurance also has some exceptional cases. Any business that has any of the following will not receive full coverage of the insurance.

  • Minor or people aged less than 18 years involved in your business. 
  • You offer extra activities like yoga and Pilates, along with the dance practice.
  • If you include sales of products and clothing in your business.
  • Dance injury occurred during a personal activity outside the studio.

There are also some terms and conditions that you need to fulfill, but they depend on your insurance company. So, the company will send an agent or arrange a meeting with you to discuss them personally. You can also refer to their website for it. 

Cost Of The Policy

The cost or premiers of the dance insurance are not the same for every institute or dancer. They will vary depending on factors like area, location, staff member, number of students, and more.

It will also depend on the sections that the policy will cover. So, you may end up paying any way from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars for the insurance. But considering the benefits, it is completely worth it, and you must get a policy.