Ajay Bhat, Monnet Ispat’s Former CFO Explains Political Manifesto

Ajay Bhat, Monnet Group former CFO continues to strive in the fields of corporate finance, business and financial restructuring for various industries including Automobiles, Pharmaceuticals, Steel and Power. A senior corporate professional with over 27 years of experience, Ajay Bhat has been the group CFO of Monnet Group which comprises of Monnet Ispat among others. He is well- travelled and has been to many countries.

An alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (2001-02), and Indian Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (in 1990), Ajay Bhat has expertise in Strategic Finance and Operational Management through his work at Monnet Ispat and other large corporates. Ajay has dealt with large PE and fund houses which has given him insightful knowledge about fund mobilization in domestic as well as international markets. Initially starting off as a Chartered Accountant by profession, Ajay Bhat has attended renowned programs from institutes like ISB ( in 2008) and Harvard Business School. He possesses firm leadership qualities and has a strategic view with strong commercial viewpoint on business fronts.

Ajay Bhat, an avid Blogger
An avid blogger, well written and detailed inputs are the elements present in every blog he writes. His latest blog “Manifestos and Mandates” expresses the political issues and problems plaguing our country. Ajay Bhat also states the need for a fair and just electoral commitment towards parties promises before, while and especially after contesting into elections for state and Central Government constituencies. He further adds a list of pressing issues synonymous with the common man of our country enlisting namely:
Farmers Upliftment
Reviving Capital investments
Better standard of living
Judicial reforms

According to him the Manifesto of any party irrespective of ruling or opposition must have these aspects as priority on their actions. The article is in depth and gives perspective on the scenario of the country’s political discussion.

Reference : https://www.zestvine.com/ajay-bhat-monnet/