An Overview Of Vehicle And Equipments

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Vehicles & Equipment


The dashboard of an emergency vehicle contains the dashboard, headlights and radiator grille. Radiator lamps: Flashing lights are attached to the radiator grille of the emergency vehicle, which create a face flash effect that can be seen in the rear-view mirror when traffic is moving in front of the vehicle.

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Alternative vehicle lights or wig fronds: These lights cause the headlights and fog lights to flash alternately from left to right to left, or they can be in a random pattern and be used at the rear of a vehicle as brake, fog or reversing lights to warn approaching vehicles from behind. 

Passive marking form: 

The name of the ambulance service is written backward on the front of the vehicle. This enables drivers of other vehicles to detect the approaching emergency vehicle in the rear-view mirror.  

Drive the vehicle from the workshop to the customer’s workplace or home. Disassembly and reassemble machinery and equipment, disassemble and reattach vehicle parts, and trimming with hand tools. Swing, shovel and vacuum loose debris and scrap from containers and remove containers from the work area. 


This job requires serenity, keeping emotions in check, controlling anger, and avoiding aggressive behavior, especially in difficult situations. Independence: The job requires developing your way of doing things, with little or no oversight and depending on others to do things.


This task requires reliability, responsibility, reliability and fulfilment of obligations. Integrity: The job requires honesty and ethics. Collaboration: This work requires a pleasant attitude towards others in the job and a good-natured and cooperative attitude. 

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