AOL Mail Search Not Working With The Easy Steps

Being a reliable service, AOL has been one of the top online providers in the world. But, it is not also free of glitch. You might face many kinds of problem-related to it. And, AOL mail search not working is one of the errors that can create a problem at the time of using AOL mail for your personal or professional work. And, if you are also facing such a problem, then we can help you in every way to get rid of the situation. So, read the article on and fix the problem.

Easy and Quick Ways to Fix the Problem:

Here, we will talk about what to do when the problem AOL mail search function not working issue appears.

  • Check internet connection: At the very first, after the occurrence of the problem, you have to check the internet connectivity problem. If you find any problem there fix it. As many times we have seen that due to poor internet connection this kind of problem can happen.  
  • Resolve AOL Mail server error: If you are facing any kind of AOL mail server error, then you have to wait till the problem gets resolved automatically. And in this way, you can fix this present problem as well.
  • Temporarily disable the firewall: Many times we have seen that because of firewall this kind of situation can occur before you. And to resolve the problem check the firewall of your device if it is enabled or disabled. You can even temporarily disable it if you find that it is enabled. After doing that check the search bar of mail if the problem still persists.
  • Again sign in the AOL mail: You can even resolve the problem by signing out the current email account using the browser. And again, sign in to AOL mail after signing out from the account. And at the same time, you need to ensure that you are not getting any trouble to sign in your AOL mail. Once you are done, check if the problem is still there, or not.

We hope that the previous steps will definitely able to help you to get rid of the AOL mail search fucntion not working problem. If you want, then you can share your experience regarding the problem with us. And to do so, place a comment stating your views regarding the article.