Are Ashley & Dimitri Having Another Baby?


The latest season of Seeking Sister Wife is out, and TLC fans are happy to the cast back on TV. Even this time, Ashley and Dimitri remain to be one of the most popular families on the show. They have three children together and are looking for more Sister Wives to join them. However, many of their followers have pointed out that Ashley looks pregnant. Hence, they’ve curious to know if the Snowdens are welcoming another baby in their lives. Here’s what Ashley has to reply.

Seeking Sister Wife: Ashley Looks Pregnant, Are The Snowdens Having Another Child?

The Snowden couple already has three children together, including daughters Nenú and Canaria and son Nío. For quite a while now, they have been looking for a sister wife to join the family. In fact, in the last season, they even found themselves a perfect partner and ended up marrying her. However, that relationship didn’t last well, and Dimitri’s second bride Vanessa Cobbs divorced them within a week. This season, Ashley and Dimitri are dating not just one but two potential sister wives together.

However, one thing that is bothering a lot of viewers is Ashley’s belly. People have been asking her if she’s conceiving a fourth child with Dimitri. One of her recent pictures was bombarded with similar questions. Well, this isn’t the first time Ashley was presumed to be pregnant by her fans. As a matter of fact, the Seeking Sister Wife star is not actually pregnant, and there are other reasons why her belly looks this way.

Seeking Sister Wife: Ashley Has Diastasis Recti, Slams People For Judging Her Body

Plenty of times in the past, fans have asked Ashley if she’d pregnant just by looking at her body. Moreover, points out that the TV star has rejected these assumptions an equal number of many times. She explained that she has a condition called diastasis recti, which usually occurs before or after pregnancy. The most common symptom of this condition is a bulge or pooch in the stomach. Hence. Ashley Snowden is not conceiving a child, as of now.

The TLC celeb has previously called out people for judging her body. She believes that it is insensitive to assume that a woman is pregnant just by the looks. Someone’s pregnancy is a private matter, and making assumptions based on body shape is rude. On the other hand, Ashley promises her fans that she’ll be making an official announcement so that there is no confusion about her status. Hence, people won’t have to wonder.

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