Are you a chef? It can open doors to Australian permanent residency

Are you a chef

Australia has the doors of opportunity open of many professions. People belonging to different occupations come to Australia in search of a better life and work opportunities. Major Australian industries include tourism, construction, petroleum, information technology, etc. all these industries need a large amount of manpower to run their operations. This is why the Australia immigration system provides visas that allow skilled people from other countries to come to Australia and be a part of its workforce.

Another emerging industry in Australia is fine dining. The Australian culinary scene is famous all over the world. Most of the tourist visiting Australia appreciates its food culture. With the boom in this industry, more manpower is required by it. Moreover, Australia food culture is also multicultural it means that it includes many different cuisines. The preparation of cultural food requires experts from that very culture to prepare it. This is why chefs from overseas are encouraged to come to Australia and participate in the Australian culinary scene. In this article we will talk about how being a chef can help you achieve your Australian permanent residency dream.

What do you need to get an Australian visa if you are a chef?

  • Every Australian state and territory needs people belonging to different occupations. A person who wants to peruse his or her career as a chef in Australia must keep an eye on opportunities presented by different states. To get a visa based on your skill you must be updated about the occupational list. There must be a chef in the occupational list of the sate you are applying for nomination for. This is why one must plan very wisely. It is always advised to get help from a professional visa consultancy company. The Migration is a registered company that can help you in chef permanent residency in Australia
  • Moreover, when applying as a chef for an Australian visa, your skill will be assessed by an Australian authority. The name of this authority is TRA which stands for trade recognition Australia. One must have experience of working as a chef for at least one year.
  • The PR points for chef in Australia are usually 65-70 to get an invitation for applying for a visa.

Which visas can help a chef without sponsorship?

Here are few visas that can lead to Australian permanent residency for a chef:

Skilled independent visa subclass 189

This visa is an Australian permanent visa and does not require any nomination. The occupational list must-have a chef as a profession in it. This visa allows you to work as a chef and stay in Australia permanently.

Skilled nominated visa subclass 190

This is also a permanent visa that one can apply for after getting nominated by a state. If you are applying as a chef then there should be chef listed in the occupational list of the state you are intended to get nominated by.

Regional skilled visa subclass 491

This is a regional visa that allows one to come and work as a chef in regional areas of Australia. This visa is for 5 years. But one can apply for Australian PR after working for 3 years in regional areas of Australia.

This was some information about how one can get permanent residency in Australia. Being a chef no doubt can open many doors and pathways to Australian PR but the key here is to keep updated. If you need any more information or updates about it you can always contact registered Australian consultancy firm The Migration that can help you in any way possible.