Artificial Intelligence: Game Changer or a Job Grabber?

Artificial intelligence, a concept that was seen at a very distant until top giants like Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Netflix introduced it into our lives. Unknowingly, we have already started to see the impact it is making in our day to day activities.

From finances, entertainment, fitness, education, marketing, selling, market research, and a lot more, we’re already in a close connection with AI. For instance, a movie recommendation suggested by Netflix, a video suggested by YouTube or an email that is redirected from the spam folder – all of these get recognized by an online tool, a result of AI and machine learning.

Evidently, the AI revolution is going to be the greatest disruption giving the economy a boost.

This is what PwC’s Global Artificial Intelligence Study thinks: –

  • The global GDP is said to rise to 14% higher by 2030 resulting in the acceleration of development in AI.
  • AI will contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy worldwide in 2030.
  • Labor productivity improvements are said to drive the initial GDP globally.

Though artificial intelligence is in its early stage of development, it is definitely a game-changer.

As a result, the future of work is rapidly changing. Thus, AI is already driving the growth for AI jobs such as AI experts, AI specialists, and AI engineers. By far this is the largest societal change that leaders need to draw their attention to.

Domain knowledge + AI skills

The core key to understanding AI is just half the equation. The application of AI technology should be contextualized in industries, only then the tech professionals will be able to understand how AI works. Understanding of automation is only possible by building a process from the beginning. Machine learning can make use of goal orientation and this can only be done through experience.

As a result, domain knowledge and AI skills are the major core skills that drive business success. This is where AI is going to create huge job opportunities for AI professionals. Having said that, as certain jobs will be replaced by AI and automation – there will be AI engineers who will have the opportunity to gain the best benefit out of it.

Other technology professionals who’re looking for meaningful ways to enhance their careers can easily take up AI certifications and reskill themselves. For most professionals, certifications are an add on advantage while looking for AI jobs.

At a C-Suite AI study, it is said that,

  • There will be 79% of executives who are leaders at companies that are expecting their employees to be comfortable working with robots in a span of three years.
  • Sadly, a mere 39% of respondents say they currently provide training and reskilling opportunities in their companies aiding to technology disruption.

There is a huge opportunity for companies to drive their workforce and prep up for the AI boom. The effect of AI on our jobs is totally in our control, thus staying updated through AI certifications is how we can keep ourselves relevant in the changing scenario.

With all the hustle about AI taking away our jobs, there will be a creation of newer jobs. With AI developing, it is evident we’re at the edge of seeing many more innovative tools in the near five years. Undoubtedly, AI has impacted almost every facet of businesses and is set to influence other industries as well. Having said that, every new beginning has always been a threat to workers. Although multiple jobs will be banished due to AI and automation, it is already laying a carpet of opportunities for several other alternate opportunities.

What’s your thought on AI today?