Balcony Movie Night With Friends

Movie nights are a wonderful way to spend an evening with your friends relaxing. Whether it’s a warm summer night or a chilly winter evening, gathering your closest pals and enjoying a great film together is thrilling. However, the same settings can get quite dull over time. That’s why you need to introduce an element of excitement, and take movie nights outdoors.

Whether you live in a house or a flat, you can use your balcony as an ideal, cosy corner for this event. All you need is a little preparation and decoration, and you’re ready to roll. 

1. Pick a film

Inviting your friends over for a movie night is easy; picking a film you all agree on, not so much. Choosing a film to watch is harder than it seems. Unless you’ve decided on a theme, movie choosing is a process you all need to participate in. It’s hard to please everyone, so compromising is necessary. You can make this process hard for everyone, or make it fun and turn it into a game.

For example, you can tell your friends to write their top three movie choices on separate pieces of paper then draw them from a hat. You can also take turns in choosing a film. Possibilities are endless if you have a crew willing to compromise. 

2. Comfortable seating

Whether you have a big or small balcony, you can create a magnificent and comfortable seating area with a couple of handy tricks. The first thing you need to do is clean the balcony. Remove the clutter and unnecessary items and pieces of furniture. Then lay the carpet and add a lot of cushions and pillows for cosiness. 

For additional comfort, you can bring out a mattress to sit or lie on. Also, if your balcony is spacious enough, consider putting up bean bags. Don’t forget to include covers and blankets in case the night gets chilly and windy. 

3. De-bug the area

Everybody knows how annoying insects such as flies and mosquitos can be. No one likes to sit outside during warm summer evenings while continuously being bothered by irritating bugs. That’s why you need to “de-bug” the area.

Use insect spray before you take your guests outside. Besides that, provide your guests with anti-mosquito creams and sprays to keep them safe. Consider getting dried up flowers such as lavender. The smell of lavender repels some types of insects and can be a lovely decoration for your balcony.  

4. Prepare snacks

No movie night is complete without snacks. Films nights usually last a couple of hours, so make sure that your guests are not hungry. Popcorn is a great choice, but it’s not enough to make it impressive. Surprise your mates with movie night snacks they will be amazed by. Include salty, spicy and sweet options to suit everyone’s likings. 

All that food is going to make you crave a drink. Mini fridges or portable minibars are ideal for keeping your drinks cold while you enjoy the movie. Make sure to fill them up with various kinds of drinks, from water to beer to undisturbed watch films until the end of the night.  

5. Screen for the movie

One of the most important things you must not forget about is the screen where you’ll play the movies. You have various options available, but it’s up to you to choose the most suitable one. You can use a movie projector and a big white sheet for a full cinema experience. However, even the slightest gush of wind may take it down, and frankly, the quality of the picture will not be impressive.

On the other hand, you can take your TV outside, but it may take too much space or get wet during the rainy weather. To prevent that from happening, you can get a custom tv wall mount made precisely for your needs. It will safely mount it to the wall and can provide an enclosure for all kinds of weather. It’s a durable and reliable solution for your outdoor TV. 

6. Soft lights

Even though sitting in complete darkness while you watch a film is exciting, you need some source of the light to prevent the food and drinks from being spilled. The lights you’re going to implement should be soft and not too bright, enough to create an adequate atmosphere.

For example, you can hang fairy lights on the balcony fence and establish a boho-hippie style. On the other hand, you can place candles around the space for a romantic atmosphere. These are all intriguing apartment balcony light ideas for every season. Experiment and don’t forget to add a personal finishing touch.


You’re all set for a thrilling movie night with your friends. You can repeat this unforgettable experience every time in a different setting. You just need to be creative enough to come up with various seating arrangements, films to watch and snacks to eat. Invite your friends over and let the fun begin.