Benefits of IP PBX Software for VoIP service providers

Benefits of IP PBX Software for VoIP service providers

One question arises in every business owner or IT manager’s mind about whether cloud-hosted PBX is made for him or is just a new trend that is likely to be replaced by the upcoming technology.

You, as a VoIP service provider, have thought about why to go for an IP PBX software though an existing phone system is currently fulfilling all your business requirements. In this post, you will get an answer to all your questions related to IP PBX software and the benefits of using IP PBX software.

Significance of IP PBX Software

IP PBX Software is a communication server system. It is based on an IP PBX server running on a window or Linux operating system. It involves software control from switch signaling to the user interface.

Multi-tenant IP PBX software is the web interface user operation center of the application layer of IP PBX software. The hosted server is the hardware of IP PBX software.

Features of IP PBX Software

There are a plethora of features of IP PBX software. Few of them include:

●      Account Code for dialing calls

●      Automatic attendant

●      Automatic Hold

●      Automated Directory connects to an extension by name

●      Barge-in allows an extension to break into a market at another extension

●      Boss-secretary functions:

●      Call back

●      Call Monitoring

●      Call Return

●      Call Through: Assistance for savings on local interconnect costs

●      Call Trace: Mark call-in system logs as requiring tracing or special attention

●      Phone Pickup: Take a left call off hold

●      Series Completion

●      SMS Server: Transmitting and getting SMSs on the PC, various sending, sending to a closed user group.

●      Visual Telephone Dialer: Visual interface for viewing, handling, and monitoring all department phone call activity from the PC

●      Voice Portal

●      Wake-up Call: Automatically send a wake-up calls

●      Web-Based MACs

●      Softphone: Fixed PBX specialties in web or PC applications

●      Speed Dial

●      Three-Way Calling

●      Toll Restriction: Limit calls to specific amounts

●      Voice Messaging: voice mail and give greeting/messages

●      Seize Call: Provide an extension to take a call from another extension and separate the other extension

●      Skill Based Routing

●      Voice Broadcasting: Send recorded phone messages

Benefits of IP PBX Software for VoIP service providers

There are a plethora of benefits to IP PBX software. Few of the most important benefits include:


Multi-tenant IP PBX software saves money from being spent on traditional hardware because by using it, your whole phone system is hosted and controlled in the cloud. You have to compensate for the co-operations that you use, and it assists you to save a massive amount of money.

You have the authority to keep your existing phone system

For the enterprises that don’t want to get disconnected from their old or existing phone system but want to experience the advantages of the cloud-hosted PBX can get benefit from it. The reason behind it is they can easily integrate it with any legacy system or a device with a few simple clicks.

Advanced features

Tons of features will attract you towards Multi-tenant IP PBX software. You can avail of all the parts of your service provider at zero extra cost. There are features such as time conditions, queue handling, voice menu, call control, and many more to name.


Businesses grow and contract all the time. In between all this time, you will require software that can scale up or down proportionally to your business needs. With IP PBX software, you can reserve resources and pre-allocate space for the upcoming expansion.

Real-time analyzing and report analysis

It provides you access to real-time data and monitors all the activities in your PBX. You can monitor ongoing or missed calls, call rates, active and standby agents, subscription costs by a web portal.

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Final thoughts

IP PBX software uses a functional web interface and is easy to operate. It is highly beneficial for VoIP service providers and assists them in offering better quality services to the customers.

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