Benefits of plastic crates versus wooden or metal crates

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  • Plastic crates can withstand moisture in extremeconditions without losing structural integrity, unlike wooden crates. So, it can be easily stored outside the factory and space of the factory.
  • Stacking plastic crates is very easy and helps to save space as it occupies less than half-space to that of wooden crates. It can even be nested in one another and make it easier for distribution centers to supply crates for shipment.
  • In contrast to wooden crates, they are non-reactive to acids, fats, and solvents. It doesn’t absorb water which makes it hygienic to be used in agriculture, food, and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Plastic crates are available in varied color options which make them more attractive than wooden crates when used to display in retail applications.
  • The cost of repair of plastic crates is minimal as compared to the costly wooden repair.
  • Plastic crates can withstand both deep freezing conditions and extreme sun conditions due to their strength and durability.
  • Plastic crates are not prone to bacteria, fungus, and insect contamination as in the case of wooden products. They are very easy to clean with solvent, steam, or water. This makes it much more hygienic than wooden crates.
  • They provide the best storage packaging option due to their uniform size, strength, and stability. They comply with required specificationsand are identical to each other. This makes it very popular for handling, storage, and shipping.
  • Plastic crates are safer than wooden crates as they have a small design with no nails or splinters. This makesit easier and safer to handle loads by hand.
  • Plastic crates have a smoother inner lining unlike wooden crates so they are easy to clean simply by using a clean, damp cloth.
  • Plastic crates are much more durable than wooden crates because they do not absorb moisture, therefore, do not degrade easily. It provides a worthy investment to the industry.