Benefits of Tulsi for Our Health: All You Need To Know

immunity booster ayurvedic

Every problem has its two solutions one is through modern methods and the second is the traditional or we say ayurvedic treatment. Earlier the people were not aware of the effects of modern medicines on their health. But now over the period of time, everyone is well aware of the ill effects of taking excessive medicines. If you can treat something with some home remedies or with the herbal products then you must give it a try. There are so many herbs which are good for our health and Tulsi always tops the list.

Tulsi is also known as holy basil can is commonly found in the houses of most of the Indian people. Tulsi is the solution to your many common problems. You can take tulsi ayurveda to treat all your health problems. From treating seasonal infections to boosting your immunity tulsi is helpful. There are so many benefits of tulsi that you must know. Some of them are:

  • Helps in treating cold, cough, or other seasonal infections: Cold and cough is the most common problem that we face. This can be due to the effect of seasonal infections. But now you can treat all these infections with the help of tulsi. Liquid drops of tulsi are available which can be readily used in tea, warm water, or in kadhas, etc.
  • Decreasing the stress level of your body: Tulsi is also helpful in reducing your stress with its natural properties. It stimulates its effects on your brain and helps you to get mental relief.
  • Reducing the risk of hypertension: Hypertension or blood pressure is the two most common diseases which are faced by most of the people around us. The essential anti-inflammatory properties of tulsi are helpful in reducing the risk of hypertension and also reduce its level.
  • Helpful for diabetes: Diabetic people can also consume tulsi. Tulsi is helpful in reducing their blood sugar level.
  • Magical for your skin: Tulsi is very much helpful in maintaining the beauty of the skin. You can reduce the risk of premature aging with tulsi. Tulsi is helpful in preventing acne and spots on your skin.
  • Used as immunity booster: In this pandemic, when everyone needs to increase their immunity tulsi is the best for doing this. Tuli is known as immunity booster ayurvedic herb that will help you in fighting with the flue, viruses, seasonal viral, and so on. To boost your immunity, you can use tulsi for making kadha. You can make kadha by adding tulsi, black pepper, honey, ginger, mulethi, etc. You can even eat raw tulsi leaves for boosting immunity. If you are using tulsi drops then you can add tulsi drops in hot water and can drink.
  • Consume it daily for a healthy life: You can consume tulsi every day by adding it in your tea, warm water, or in kadha, etc to boost your immunity in this crucial time.

So, these are the following benefits of tulsi that you need to know.