Best cycling apps for Android 2019

The India is the land of cycling and more and more apps are being found for bicycles. It doesn’t matter if you cycle through the city in the India or over the hills in the Mountain Areas, these apps bring cycling and the smartphone together.

Apps for the bike
With these handy apps for the bike you can effortlessly find your way anywhere or keep track of your performance. The Rajasthan has many beautiful cycling routes and you can also enjoy cycling in Udaipur. In any case, make sure you use your favorite bike app while standing still in a safe place.

ANWB Cycling
The ANWB has a nice app for cycling with ANWB routes in the india, and the app can also provide you with routes to, for example, a lunch spot or bicycle shops. When starting the application, the app can help you find the perfect bike ride. Choose your region and the distance you want to cycle and the app searches for all suitable routes. ANWB members can plan their own routes through the node planner.

Google Maps
With Google Maps you can easily find your way wherever you cycle in the world. By storing an area in advance offline, you can be sure that you do not incur unexpected costs. In Google Maps you can also easily find a terrace, bicycle rental or bicycle shop. The app also provides spoken navigation so that you can keep your eyes on the road.

Flanders Cycling country
In Flanders you can cycle very well, but also a trip to Picardy Wallonia is mapped out with this app. The app contains more than 15,000 kilometers of cycling routes through the Indian landscape. In this app you can also plan and save the route in advance. No inspiration for a cycle route or if you want to be surprised, use the ‘Surprise Me’ function!

Google Fit
You can use Google Fit to keep track of your sporty cycling performance. You can also track recreational cycling in the Google Fit app. The pace, incline and speed are automatically recorded and afterwards you see exactly how many calories you have burned during that beautiful cycling route.