Best Microscope app for android

Whenever we go out for hangouts, we must visit the restaurants and hotels for meals. There we see the menu card but we find difficulty during reading the card which put lots of pressure on our eyes. To read the menu card, you should have a magnifying glass in your bag or packet that looks weird.

The same case happens with books, magazines, and other things like these. For example, if you want to see different microorganisms you can’t see them with the naked eye. You have to use microscopes.

We can’t keep them everywhere with us as most of microscopes are heavy in weight and bigger in size. You are wrong if you are thinking alike. Yes there are many small sized portable microscopes that you can keep in your pocket, handbag or backpack. have listed best models. You may/may not need to connect them with your mobile camera or sync via any of these aps to use them smoothly and take pictures of your observations.

·         Microscope Realistic by CIBERDROIX Android

·         Microscope by LogSat Software LLC iPhone

  • BigMagnify Free
  • Microscope
  • Magnifier and microscope (cozy)

Microscope Realistic by CIBERDROIX Android

This is one of the best apps for android users. This app has 5x, 10x, and 20x interchangeable ocular features. It also has a specialty of focus the object. This app can act as a LED Flashlight and macro camera.

This app can use for observing the microorganisms as well as read the medicine bottles and prescription. You can also see the serials number of devices that are written on the backside. This app behaves as a handy microscope for its users.

Magnifier and microscope (cozy)

This is the best microscope app of the 2021 for us. If you download this versatile app, it will make your mobile device functional and easy to use as a magnifier.

It offers various enhancement levels that are to control via zoom bar, capable of freezing and embedding images, doubling as a photo viewer, and has a variety of photo color filters that allow you to see the object in a better way.

Microscope by LogSat Software LLC iPhone

A very interesting app for science students. They can easily see their skin’s magnification at the cell level.This app will surprise your friends by showing them extreme magnification level (cells).

BigMagnify Free

This is the best app for iPhone users. It can easily operate on the IOS 7 of the old iPhone system.This is especially great for reading the overly designed graphics and text.

The main feature of this app is that it has lots of filters that can use during view and image. One of its filters is the “sharpen filter” that bolds that text size and also add the white outline with increasing the image contrast. After applying this filter you can see the clear image that has embossed from the background.


If you are a biology student you can easily use this app for the analysis. You may call it as handy microscope. A cool feature that this app has is interchangeable ocular. Rather than this, it has a focus mode and flashlight feature. You can use this app for zooming as well.

Ending Words

As technology is emerging in every field of life – it has been nearly impossible to live without them. We go to different websites like khanacademy, wikipedia, biomadam to read instead of going libraries and turning book pages to find answer. It is very easy to search anything within seconds.

Similarly, there are hundreds of different apps developed for microscpes, and are easily available on Android and iOS store and each microscope software has different compatibility options.