Best Microsoft 365 Backup Solution in 2021

In this article, we have discussed the best Microsoft 365 backup solutions that you can use to back up your organization’s data. Here, we will compare each method and you can pick out the best one that suits your requirement and ease.

Why Microsoft’s In-build Backup Solution is Imperfect?

Microsoft contains many applications that are interconnected to each other. The application for backup is responsible for taking out data from Microsoft API’s. But, there is not a single API that you can use to take the backup of data. The backup requires to rely on multiple API for taking backup of data & also for restoring their data when needed.

And to complete the backup task, the user needs to understand the working of all these APIs and how to collectively grab data from the server and store it locally.

This made the backup task hectic as well as time-consuming. More importantly, a single mistake can lead to backup failure or corruption of data.

Following are the list of reasons, why organization is unable to grab all data from Microsoft 365 account:

  • API’s limitations
  • Backup & Restore accuracy
  • Limited existing APIs
  • Frequent Updates to Microsoft 365 for new data type

Other Possible Microsoft 365 Backup Solution

If you search on the web for the applications to backup Office 365 emails locally, you will find many of them, and each application has different features and functionalities.

Following are the list of top backup applications:

  • SysTools
  • Advik
  • CubexSoft
  • Bitrecover
  • Backupify

All of the above companies provide Microsoft 365 backup solution, but only a few of them offers the restore facility. Either manually compare the functionalities of each software yourself or you can go with our pick, which is explained below.

Best Microsoft 365 Backup Solution In 2021

Our best pick for Microsoft 365 backup solution is SysTools Cloud Backup & Restore application. This is an all-in-one application that offers backup as well as restores functionality within a single application. Apart from that it also offers various features and functionalities that help you ease the process.

Following are the top features of the tool:

  • Category options for Emails, Contacts, Calendars, and Documents (OneDrive)
  • Date-Range filters are available for each category options
  • Completely secure as it can only be operated with Admin Credentials and project settings.
  • Quick user account fetching option to auto get a list of user in source domain.
  • Multiple error handlers to deal with power failure and system crashes.
  • Unlimited delta passes to skip already backed up data.
  • Generates Detailed and Summary reporting system.

Steps to Backup Microsoft 365 Data Using Tool

1. Download the tool from the official website & launch it on your system
2. Go to Activate tab to follow the steps for tool activation (DEMO or Full)
3. In the Configuration Settings section, select the Source as Office 365.
4. Go to Workload section to select the Category of items to backup
5. Set the Date-Range filter for each selected category for selective data backup only
6. Go to Source tab to enter Microsoft 365 admin Id and project details.
7. In destination tab, select the location to store the backup
8. Go to User tab to select the option to select the users to backup
9. Finally, validate the user accounts and then click on Start Backup.
10. You can preview the backup process in the tool window.

This is it! In just 10 steps you can backup your complete organization’s user accounts into PST format. Once the backup is complete, next time you need to backup items, just select the delta backup option and you will be able to backup updated data in that attempt.

Final Words

Choosing the best Microsoft 365 backup solution is quite necessary for every organization. Otherwise, the wrong solution can leads to imperfect backup, waste of time and money.

Therefore, in this article, we have suggested some of the top backup solutions in the market and pick the one that we think the best.

You can also test the aforementioned tool by activating the tool with the DEMO version to get 2 free user licenses for complete data backup and restore functionality.