Best Way to Backup Gmail Emails

best way to backup Gmail emails

“I intended to backup Gmail emails with all email folders with attachments. But with the help of Google Takeout, it is impossible because it is taking a lot of time. So, please suggest to me the best way to backup Gmail emails. Thanks in Advance!!”

It’s been more essential to backup Gmail email messages. With hackers continually searching for account weakness, it’s conceivable that your email file could become inaccessible. Messages could be lost. You may even lose admittance to your Gmail account. If that occurs, you’ll need to have a Gmail backup. A large number of us keep business data in our Gmail email accounts. Losing that data could be very exorbitant. That is the reason it’s critical to ensure that information isn’t lost.
So, in this blog, we will discuss the best method to backup all Gmail emails.

Mailbakup Gmail Backup Tool is the best tool to backup Gmail emails to the computer. It is the best way to export emails from Gmail to the desired location. Now, to know the working and features of this tool in detail, then in this blog, we will disclose the working and best features of this backup tool and will know how to export Gmail messages.

How to Backup Gmail Emails to Computer: Best Way

To backup Gmail messages effectively, using the Gmail Email Backup tool is the best way. This is an advanced tool with many great features to backup all Gmail folders in multiple file formats. This interface of this tool is very easy so that anyone can easily export Gmail emails using this tool. Also, this tool supports all versions of Windows OS.

Advanced Features of Backup Gmail Emails Tool

  • This tool export Gmail emails in multiple file format: EML, MSG, PST, MBOX, and PDF.
  • Users can backup single and multiple Gmail user’s accounts.
  • Maintain Folder Hierarchy in the wake of taking Gmail emails backup.
  • The tool supports the Date Filter option to export selective Gmail emails.
  • Pause & Resume option to pause and continue the backup process anytime.
  • This tool is available broadly as it supports 6 different languages.
  • Gmail attachments are exported in the original format.

Best Way to Backup Gmail Emails using Gmail Backup Tool

Backup Gmail emails utility can easily export messages in multiple file formats in a few steps. So, follow the below-mentioned steps to export emails from Gmail.

Download and Open Mailbakup Gmail Backup Tool.
Now, enter the credentials and login into the software.


Select the file format in which you want to export all the emails.


Click on the Delete After Download to delete email from the Mail server after taking backup.


Select the Apply Filters option to export selective folders as per need.


Now, choose the incremental option to export emails which are not exported in the previous backup.


Click on the Browse button and select the desired location.


Finally, click on the Start button to backup Gmail emails.


Now, go to the location where you export all the emails from Gmail and preview the emails.


As we have seen that this method is very easy and simple to backup Gmail messages. This is the best way to backup Gmail emails. Now, you have exported all the Gmail folders.

Reviews on Gmail Email Backup Tool by Mailbakup

“This backup tool is the best tool to export Gmail emails. My company gave me a task to export thousands of email messages from Gmail, this tool made my work very easy and backup all messages from Gmail with attachments. I recommend this Gmail email Backup tool to every user who needs to backup Gmail email folders.”

“Intended to convert all my Gmail email messages to PST file I have tried many tools to backup Gmail folders in PST file format so that I can import the PST file directly to Outlook. I was failed to do so. Then, I found this Gmail email export tool to export emails in PST file format. This export email tool is the best application and the best way to backup Gmail emails. This backup tool offers many great features to export emails. This is the best tool ever I used. I recommend to every user who wants to export Gmail emails and folders to the computer.”


The above solution to backup Gmail emails is verified and tested by the experts. This is the best way to backup Gmail email messages to computers or hard drives. So, in order to export all the emails with attachments. We recommend you to use the Gmail Email Backup Tool by Mailbakup. This tool is the best solution to export Gmail email messages. Moreover, this tool supports every Windows version so that users can backup Gmail messages in any Windows OS.

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