Building your Home: 5 Reliable Kit Homes

Most adults work hard to save and invest in their own homes. However, the process can be time-consuming and expensive. Therefore, many people resort to buying homes or leasing them for a while. However, kit homes present a revolutionary new way of building a home without the hustle and bustle of foundation digging, unanswered contractor calls, and months of expenditure.

Kit homes, also fondly referred to as mail-order homes, are delivered to your doorstep and assembled on your within a short period. The builder brings ready-cut pieces and partially assembled pieces, which make up your house. The mail-order package includes all of the materials needed to construct a house from the ground up. You don’t need to spend years building a house. They offer convenience and save time. If you’re a do-it-yourself kind of person, you can even assemble it on your own. They are cost-effective and can be customized to match your preferences. Some of the best kit homes include:

  1. Round kit homes

    Round kit homes can be used as a getaway home, studio, office, or family home. The function of the kit home solely depends on your preference and the size of the house. Smiling Woods Yurts customize unique kit homes to fit all your needs. These homes include 8 feet wall height, cedar siding, vinyl-framed thermal windows, a solid wood door, and a triple-pane skylight, among other interesting features. Keep in mind that the company can customize these features for you.
    The round kit homes come in a wide range of models including, Sequoia 41, Cedar 30, Ponderosa 35, Maple 25, and Birch 20. The choice is up to you. To purchase any of these models, you’ll need close to $50,000.
  2. Allwood: Sommersby

    Allwood: Sommersby houses look like dreamy and cozy lake houses. The house has four rooms and covers 174 square feet. If you are looking to construct a getaway home or separate home office on your property, this kit home is the best fit. The kit home also has a foyer, which welcomes you through double wooden doors. You have a cozy study area that you can transform into a bedroom and beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows that let you enjoy the scenery on your property. The best part is, you only need one more person to help you put up this home. How cool. The houses cost between $7,000-$8,000.
  3. Summerwood: Nomad

    Does the idea of a one-storey kit home fascinate you? Well, it’s not impossible. Summerwood: Nomad kits homes are one-storey 10-foot by 10-foot houses. The house features large vinyl windows and sliding doors that provide plenty of lighting in the place, a double-height ceiling, a front porch, modern sloped roofing, pine interiors, loft space, and a ladder to enable loft access. Although they appear tiny from the outside, these houses are spacious and well-crafted. The pieces for putting together the Nomad are precise. But you can hire a contractor if you’re unsure about where to begin. These houses cost about $117 per square foot for pre-cut pieces and $137 per square foot for the pre-assembled parts.

    Kit homes are re-inventing homeownership. Just one click on Amazon, and you can have your entire house delivered to you. Enjoy more affordability and convenience as you embark on your homeownership journey.