Business Phone Number: Toll-free, local, or Vanity?

Business Phone Number: Toll-free, local, or Vanity?
Business Phone Number: Toll-free, local, or Vanity?

A business phone number plays a vital role in your business as it represents your company.

It allows you to have a personal life apart from work. The setting up of a business phone number only takes a couple of minutes. This number can be transformed into a toll-free 800 number, a local number, or a customized vanity number. The cost of these numbers ranges from $10- $100 per month.

Options for a business phone number-

Local Business Phone Number

The most common category of business phone numbers available in the market is the local numbers. In most cases, the service providers provide them for free. However, if charged they only cost $39.99 per month. A three-digit area of your city or region is governed by the local phone number. If you have a brick-and-mortar business, these numbers will work best for you to cater and find the local customers. Local Business phone numbers show a local prefix which creates a perception for the clients or customers that you are a part of their community. This helps in building trust.

Toll-Free Phone Number

If your business is expanded nationwide, you might need a toll-free number that offers a 1-800 prefix. This provides a great variety to contact the customers across various states. Some of the popular toll-free prefixes are 800, 844,855,866,877, and 888.

The cost of these numbers starts from $10 per month, which is very cheap. However, you have to pay extra charges for the incoming calls. Your customers won’t be charged a single rupee for the call, hence this is in the turn encourages the customers to contact your company more. The number makes your company looks bigger than it is.

Customized Vanity Number

Vanity phone numbers are easy-to-remember numbers. They can be represented as 1-800-TELEPHONE. The TELEPHONE corresponds to the letters on the modern dial pad. For example, the number 1-800- TELEPHONE can be translated to 1-800-835-3567. As this moniker is very easy to remember, it will give you an edge over your other competitors. The cost for these phone numbers varies widely according to the demand. Some providers like ringcentral vs MightyCall or others, provide numbers for the free or low charge but you have to attach a combination after your number like 1-800-857-TAXI. If you want to customize such numbers the price can vary from $30 to $400 per month.

Which number is best for which business?

If we talk about local phone numbers, they suit the best for local businesses. The customer base of your agency is conveyed properly via these types of phone numbers. Toll-free 800 numbers should be adopted by national companies as they provide a wider reach, so, if you have offices all across the country, the modest choice for you is a toll-free number. If you have a business in advertising and marketing the best option for you are the vanity phone numbers. They will provide tough competition to your competitors. If you want to get your company’s name out there, you must opt for a vanity number.