Call on your clients to obtain your cigarette boxes

Each smoker is so aware of his cigarette brands. It’s very difficult to appeal to a smoker to change his brand. But with premium packaging and good taste, you can change their view. The secret to success is premium packaging. If you want to sell your goods and plan to become a market leader, you can concentrate on custom packaging methods and designs.

The Premium Product Packaging

For your stuff, we design quality packaging. We make custom cigarette boxes for your goods extremely fit. Custom E-liquid boxes on both sides are fine. We brand your product in such a way that it is noticed on the market. If you want to gain a market position and want to grow your market share, use our services.

Any problem Solution

Do you wonder how this can happen? Do you wonder? If so, don’t worry, because Global Custom Packaging has solved all the problems. You have absolutely nothing to think about. Global Custom Packaging takes care of it all. We have a long history of managing huge items and stuff. We handle it all with our expertise.

Durable boxes of carton

Our expertise is that our materials are of high quality to produce personalized cigar boxes. We’re not settling for anything less. We always choose high-quality packaging material. And we would like to represent you the best. Our custom cigarette sleeve boxes are sturdy and durable and last longer than any other popular package.

Place your order now Global Custom Packaging is committed to offering you the best services. We give our precious customers free design help. You can get our boxes in any size that best fits your product. 

You can check the sample of our boxes if you have any doubts about our product. We put your interests above all. We listen carefully to your questions and make precise boxes according to your requirements. You can trust us fully. We’re going to take care of all. Our boxes are made of high-quality cartons that never lose shape and stay exactly in shape when transporting from one location to another. Our personalized cigarette sleeve boxes are simple to transport. Our boxes are printed in different colors and all four sides have sufficient branding space. The colors we select for your packaging are the best on the market for your items. There are many advanced features of the packaging such as window boxes and die-cut boxes. We also have sealed boxes to secure the true nature of your product and maintain its consistency.

Boxes for Cigar

Cigars are a symbol of luxury and success used as an instrument of power, commerce, and promotion. Officials such as Winston Churchill, John F Kennedy, Stalin, and many other political symbols are known for their costly cigar companions. Cigars are handmade and manufactured and imported from Cuba and Central America in particular. Cigars are sensitive products that can be damaged by moisture and humidity and require special packaging. Ibex Packaging offers high-end quality cigar boxes for packaging to retailers and wholesalers.

Cardboard cigar boxes for a compact and practical presentation can be ordered. With excellent production control abilities, we offer premium product packaging at competitive prices. We have technicians with extensive experience in the production of supreme cigar packaging. We offer customer-oriented royalty to ensure the availability of customs services.

Customization of cigar boxes

At Ibex Packaging you can brand the box according to your needs with a complete, truly desirable customization as a tool to promote your product. Your logo can be printed in a number of formats, such as UV spot, gold, and foil for a stylish look, hand screen printing, digital and offset printing is also possible.

At the rear end of the box, you can also print out the attributes of your product, such as the production and ingredient details. You can add custom designs and prints to your cigar boxes to make your sensation and look even more personalized.

Design of cigar boxes

We manufacture custom-designed wholesale cigar boxes. We use high-quality carton paper or Kraft paper to make upright cigar boxes. The design of your choice can be selected, like boxes with an attached deck or a separate deck. We also offer auto bottom boxes with a locking mechanism to keep your product secure during shipping. We also craft deluxe cigar boxes with a classic finish to be used as corporate and personal donations. We can also install compartments in the boxes so that many cigars can be held in one box.

You should ask for individual shapes for the boxes. We ensure that the box’s lid closes tightly to prevent the box from entering. The thickness of the box is often taken into account to make it isolated to prevent the essence of cigars from escaping. We aim to circulate air in the package to keep cigars fresh between shipping and delivery.