Can We Have Summer Parties During the Pandemic: 6 Ways to Minimize the Risk

While summer parties are something that a lot of people look forward to all-year-round, this year, things are looking quite grim. Organizing an event or commemorating an important milestone in your life is quite important but their priority might be somewhat upset by the pandemic. Life, however, must go on and we just cannot deny all the social aspects of our lifestyle in hopes that things will be over soon. Instead, we need to learn how to improvise and adapt to this new set of circumstances. With that in mind and without further ado, here are six ways you can minimize the risk of hosting a summer party.

1. Start by setting the budget

The first thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that the budget depends on the number of attendees. During the pandemic, this number will be reduced, which will unburden the budget, as well. The most important thing worth keeping in mind is the fact that the pandemic itself is followed by a recession, which is why a modest budget is even more important. Once you set a figure that you’re working with, you need to make a priority list and allocate a certain amount of funds to each of these figures.

2. Talk to people

The next important thing is that you talk to potential attendees. A lot of people won’t be fine with social gatherings of any kind. However, some of them will come to the party out of fear to offend you with their absence. Talk to people and tell them that they really don’t have to come if they’re uncomfortable. Second, there are going to be some ground rules. You need to A) inform the people of these rules and B) ask if they’re fine with the idea of abiding by them. This includes the seating situation, the situation with masks, etc.

3. Get enough masks for everyone

Expecting that everyone should bring their own mask and even stressing this out is definitely a good idea but it’s not something that you should rely on. So, get enough masks for everyone. In the case where someone forgets to bring their mask or the mask gets damaged along the way you can’t just return people home or send them to the closest pharmacy. Other than just the mask, if you want to go a step further, you could opt for a face shield, instead.

4. Host the party outdoors

When it comes to planning the venue for the event, the only sensible way to do so under these circumstances is outdoors. This, on the other hand, creates a string of logistical issues that you will also have to deal with. First, the weather plays a much bigger role in the success of the party. In fact, you might even stress it out to your guests that an event cancellation (in case of a sudden change of weather) is a possibility. Sure, you can get a party tent in place but sometimes this simply isn’t enough.

5. Provide entertainment

When it comes to the entertainment amidst the pandemic, you need to find something that allows for individual use. For instance, agencies like The Party Starters have open-air photo booths in their offer, which is an amazing idea. This booth comes with a social media upload feature, free USB with all images for attendees to keep and more. While this booth is partially closed, with the right course of action it can definitely make a difference.

6. Is there a reason for a fixed date?

The last thing worth considering is the question – is there a reason for a fixed date? For instance, a graduation party can be moved a day or two, but it’s quite illogical to celebrate it several months after the event. If we’re talking about the wedding, it’s supposed to be on the exact date. While your birthday is also a fixed date, it can be postponed for a weekend. The fact that you’re celebrating outdoors may make this somewhat complicated. Also if you’re preparing on short notice, you might have to alter your methodology a bit.

In conclusion

While it’s quite unlikely that the weather will be unpredictable during the summer, it’s a possibility that you can never completely rule out. It’s something you should take into consideration but it’s also a factor that you have to work with. When it comes to the rest of the list, you need to keep in mind that while altered, this summer party still needs to be the embodiment of the idea behind the original event. In other words, it’s one challenge more that you’ll encounter and one more way for you to fully express your creativity in a new and original way.