Can Women Have Only One Day In The Calendar?


Happy Women’s Day!

Wait, what? Isn’t it too late to wish? Never! 

Women cannot have only one day in the calendar, and neither can men. The first rule of gender equality is, all genders are equal. Of course, we can dedicate one day to celebrate just like birthdays, but wishes? Well, they keep coming in all 365 days. And it should be! So, no, it is never too late to wish all women a prosperous and happy women’s day. We are all into breaking stereotypes these days. So, let us break this mould as well. 

And it is also okay if you do not wish all women on 8th March every year, on social media or elsewhere. You can keep supporting them, empowering them and stand for their rights. It means more, much more.  

Here are a few ways to support the women around you. 

Be their emotional support

Be there for them, emotionally or otherwise. Show them that you care. Even if it means just send a text to your loved ones on a busy, stressful day, do that. It will make them feel better. Smile at some stranger on the road, help another with errands. Let the women around you feel that they are gifted and cherished. It will uplift their moods, even if they are in some kind of a problem. 

Volunteer for women’s causes

There is no need to go out there with placards in the pandemic! No, you can show your support through online media as well. Tweet in favour of women’s causes and trend those. Speak your mind regarding women’s issues and create online fundraiser events for the same. You can also educate the people around you regarding women’s causes and seek their support as well. If even one woman stands up for the other, people will follow suit. 

Rethink your shopping endeavours

Have you ever wondered that you can empower the female population by shopping from women-run stores? Yes, that is one practical way of doing that in real-time. If you are more into online shopping, look for stores that go the extra mile to support women through funds, events or products. For example, women occupy a significant portion of the organic products industry. The next time you want to buy kids toothbrush or organic baby cotton buds, make sure you find a store that contributes to the women empowerment move. It will help them indirectly, but better that than nothing. You can even support women entrepreneurs by opting for their products/services. In other words, shop carefully and do your research before shopping at random. 

Run errands for a new mother

Did your neighbour have a baby recently? Go to her place and see if she needs help. We know what you are thinking. She may mistake it for intrusion in her personal space, right? Well, no. Every new mother faces difficulties handling everything on her own. Even if she is not alone, there is always something or the other amiss. You can fulfil that gap by helping her out in domestic chores, or run errands for her, like grocery shopping, laundry, etc. occasionally. She will definitely appreciate your efforts. 

Hire more women

If you have a small business, try to hire more women, especially mothers. There is a common myth that women having children cannot dedicate much time to work, and they also take frequent leaves. Bust this with an example. Hire moms and give them the flexibility to work at their own time. Let them set an example that challenges the norm. You will garner blessings, as well as their loyalty in the process. 

Tell them that you care

Women seek appreciation for all the toil they go through to live and make others live. They are the life support of our society. Tell them how glad you are to have them in your life, and see how their faces lit up. The simple gesture of kindness and gratitude will have you in their good books forever. And you can tell yourself that you did what you can to support the women. 

Take up your phone and call the woman closest to you now. Wish her a very happy women’s day, which is, well, EVERY DAY!