How to Carry a Women’s Overcoat Gracefully

women's overcoat

An overcoat is a fashion staple, especially during the chilly winter days. If you are preparing for fall-winter outfits, you definitely need a coat in your closet. However, if you don’t choose the right overcoat, you will never be able to carry it gracefully. Coats come in great designs, shapes, and colors. If you are lucky, you will be able to find one at a reasonable price as well.

Coats are worn on eastern dresses too. You will find many ladies wearing them even with Pakistani dresses in USA. But this will only look flattering if the coat itself is flattering. Need some help? Carrying an overcoat gracefully calls for the following tips:

1: Find the Perfect Fit for Your Body Type

This tip is very obvious. You will only look good in a coat if it fits your body. If it doesn’t snuggle your curves and compliments your figure, look for another one.

To make it easier, learn about your body type. Is it pear-shaped, hour-glass or any other type? Coats are available in a variety of types – calf-length, collared, double-breasted, knee-length, buttoned-up, tie-waist and more. When you know what suits your body best, this will eliminate lots of options. You can then move towards fabric, length, and color.

2: Styles in Coats

Speaking of types of coats, here are the styles in coats to choose from:

  • Trench Coat

This style is timeless, feminine, and practical. When wearing a trench coat, don’t forget to wear a belt as embellishment.

  • Short Coat

When wearing a short coat, go for a tailored made option with an asymmetrical flair.

  • Long Coat

It’s ideal for a taller woman. Go for the one that has a slightly tailored waist to create a slim and long illusion.

  • Leather Coat

Leather coat is great for creating an edgy look. It’s great for casual wearing. You can keep wearing it indoors too if it’s made from lightweight material.

  • Parkas

It’s a great option for weekend adventures. Don’t go for a bulkier one. A light parka is always best for flattering your waist. 

3: Quality Matters

Even designers charge a lot of price for coats made from cheap acrylic material. The coats that are advertised as wool are not 100 percent wool. They are a combination of nylon and spandex.

If you live in a chilly place, polyester won’t do a good job keeping you warm. Quality coats can be expensive. Do your research and shop around to look for quality fabric. You will be able to find quality coats from Zara and H&M.

4: Have Enough Room for Layers

You would want layers to fit underneath your coat, right? Generally, coats have lots of room in the torso. However, the arms are skinny.

If the coat doesn’t have enough room for layers, you will feel highly uncomfortable. Your arms will look like sausage stuffing. Shop for a coat with enough room for layers so that you wear it even on the coldest days of winter.

5: Don’t Forget Pockets

Ask any woman and she would say they love dresses with pockets. It goes without saying that shop for a coat with pockets.

No matter how perfect fit you have found, if it does not have pockets, you wouldn’t want to wear it that often.

6: Pick the Right Length

There must be a balance with the length and width of the coat. This depends on how cold it gets where you live. A coat that finishes at the top of the hips will barely keep you warm during the windy days. On the other hand, a coat that hits your legs would do great. Don’t forget that you need a coat that offers warmth without being huge.

7: Be Playful with Colors

You would love to have a black coat in your wardrobe. Who doesn’t? It’s practical but there is a good reason to avoid it if you are a petite woman. Choose a coat in a strong bright color to make your body appear longer. Blue or rich red are incredible options. They will make you stand out in the crowd.

8: Go For a Classic Option

Try resisting the urge to buy a trendy overcoat. Choose a classic option made from quality fabric so that it can last for a decade. A coat with wool blends and thin down linings will provide you enough warmth without adding the bulk. Single-breasted style is always classic. Don’t pick a puffy coat or it might subtract inches from your height as soon as you start layering up.

Try different coats, accessorize them with shawls for women, take pictures and show them to your best friend for approval. Make sure you stick to these tips when shopping for a coat. Once you have a coat with the best fit, it will always look graceful.