Choosing a Good Pre-Primary School in Pune for Your Child

Every parent wants what is best for their child. It starts by selecting the best school that will instil skills such as hard work, patience, respect, teamwork, among others, in the child. When it comes to academics, every parent should be cautious about picking a great school to lay a good foundation.

To know how you will choose a great school, especially in Pune, continue reading.

1.       Choose one under the CBSE curriculum

The CBSE curriculum has several advantages. First, it is accepted internationally, which opens up an opportunity for your child to get enrolled in a top university abroad. It also prepares students well for challenging written examinations for higher education university entrance; because of this, choosing the best school in Pune will work better for your child.

2.       Check location

Every child should get enough rest as it boosts their immune system and helps develop the brain. Choose a school with a convenient location to avoid waking your child up too early to take them to a far away school. The best schools in Pune have good geographic coverage, making it easier to get to and from school. This way, your child does not have to spend hours on the road or be too tired to do their homework in the evening.

3.       How much will it cost?

While you want the best school for your child, every school will have a different fee structure where some will cost more than others. First, ensure you have a budget of how much you are willing to pay, then look at how much the schools you are eyeing cost. A great school will be reasonably priced so you can comfortably pay your child’s fee without breaking the bank.

4.       Research a lot

It will save you a lot of time when choosing between a few schools on your list. Google is always helpful as it contains information and reviews from parents and alumni from the school. Next, talk to parents who have kids in the school so they give you an honest opinion about the food your child will eat and the teacher’s attitudes.

5.       Do you know what your child’s needs are?

A parent will enrol their child in a school just because it is well known, but you should always consider your child’s interest. For instance, do they love sports, music, drama, or science? Check if the school you are considering offers these interests.

6.       Tour the school

The school environment should be conducive enough for your child so that they can learn well. Visit the school and benchmark it against your other priorities to know which the best is for your child. An environment free from noise is excellent for your child as the concentration will be at its peak. Your child will focus on what is essential, which is learning, without any distractions.

7.       Support programs

The best pre-primary school will offer support, such as guidance and counselling, to help nurture your child. You should select the school that provides the program as it allows children to solve mental problems they wouldn’t share with you at home.

Although choosing a school may seem like a daunting task, you can make the process a little easier by following the steps outlined here.