Cleaning Windows: Important Tips

The most common thing that you can see in a building or house is windows. Windows are one of the major things that are everywhere. They allow sunlight to pass through and when kept open, they provide proper ventilation of the air. Though after sometime they get dirty and make the appearance of the building or house a bit dull. Hence, it is advised to clean the windows regularly, so that the place looks better. Cleaning windows is not as such a big task but if done carefully then you can get amazing results. They are the canter of attention for your office or home. Hence, they should be cleaned in a proper way. In order to clean your windows in a proper way, you need to keep the following things in mind that are mentioned in the above paragraph.


Windowcleaning is simply the task of cleaning windows so that they appear crystal clear to enhance the overall look and feel of your home or office. There are many people or businesses that provide window cleaning facilities. You can hire people who are professionally trained in cleaning windows and get all the windows cleaned like a crystal at a nominal fee. There are many tips and tricks for cleaning windows in the best way possible. Trained professionals, who do window cleaning as a profession, are well known for these tips and tricks.

Tips to clean windows

The various techniques that help in the best window cleaning are mentioned below. The following is the list of various tips and tricks of cleaning windows:-

  1. The first that you should keep in mind cleaning a window is that you must have the proper equipment. This equipment help in making the windows look even much better. The following things should be added in the equipment list of window cleaning:-
  2. Bucket
  3. Squeegee
  4. Mop
  5. Scraper
  6. Detergent
  7. After when you have got all the equipment then the next thing is that you should know is to know the proper way of cleaning the window.
  8. Before applying the detergent, first, you need to splash water on the window. Also, make sure that you have already made your detergent that you are going to use for cleaning window.
  9. Dip the squeegee in the detergent water and with the help of a squeegee, rub the window in a circular motion. Rub on the entire surface of the window and in the corners too.
  10. Use a scraper to remove dirt marks or stains that are difficult to remove.
  11. Now, use water to further clean the window and remove the detergent from the surface.
  12. Wipe using a mop to clear the water.
  13. If you want you can also later polish the window to give it extra shine.

Therefore, by following the above-mentioned directions you can easily get a clean and clear window.

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