Best Way to Combine Two Google Accounts – Admin Tips

Nowadays everybody uses Google account to store their personal or business data. The same goes for all the business users who use G Suite as their default email client. At some point many Google Apps user face problems due to the limited space in Google account. So they look for a method to combine two Google Accounts. It is easy to join Google Apps account if you have to perform the task for a single user but the problem comes when there are multiple accounts to merge. We found an automated tool to merge Google accounts. In this blog, we will explain both the automated approaches and the manual approach to merge G Suite (Google) domain.

“Hey!, I am looking for a method to merge two g suite accounts. I have an account and another account on a different domain. I want to join both the account data and after joining new emails in the old account mailbox automatically comes in a new domain account. I don’t know many technical terms. so if anybody knows any detailed method to merge two google apps account domains for multiple g suite users, then please let me know. thanks!!”

We read this interesting query on a forum site and after reading this started looking for the solution for this problem. In the above query, the G Suite looking for an approach which is called Delta Migration, In this only the new emails will be transferred from old Google tenant to new account or domain. Read the whole blog to explore the different methods for combining multiple Google Apps account.

Method to Combine Two Google Accounts Data

We have found multiple methods to perform this task, there are two automated approaches and one manual method to merge two G Suite accounts. Following are the methods to perform this task:

Method 1: Join Google Apps Accounts using Data Migration Service

This is the free service provided by Google for G Suite users to transfer Google Apps data from the old account to a new tenant. You can easily combine Google Apps using this method.


  • It is the Free service provided by Google for only G Suite users
  • Migration Steps are simple
  • Merge multiple account data to another account


  • Doesn’t merge Google documents (Google Drive)
  • Cannot merge account of different domains
  • Different approach to join Google contacts & calendar
  • The slower process to merge multiple accounts
  • Doesn’t provide Delta Migration Services

Steps to combine account data are:

1. Login into the Admin account and open Admin Console. In the admin console select the Data Migration Service tab.

2. It will open a migration window then click on Emails >> Continue.

3. Now click on the drop-down and choose Source As G Suite / Gmail

4. Next select Connection Protocol >> “Auto-select (recommended)” option. In Role Account enter the Admin Credentials >> Connect to start joining Google Apps accounts.

5. Apply the filter according to the requirement. You can also merge deleted & junk emails and after that click on User Button.

6. In the next window, you can select proceed as a single user, if you want to merge only one account data. Else use multiple user options to join multiple G Suite accounts data to another account.

7. For Single Users:

  • Enter Admin credentials in Migrate From
  • Select the destination account from Migrate To
  • Finally, click on Start Button to begin merging

8. For Multiple users accounts merging:

  • Firstly, create a CSV file as guided in the new window
  • Upload the Attachment and click on the ‘Upload and Start Migration’ button

9. After this, you can see the merge process starts and progress report will be as shown as below

10. After the merge process complete, log in to the destination account and check merged data.

Note: This method only for G Suite’s Gmail users. To merge two Google accounts of free Gmail users then follow the manual method.

Method 2: Combine G Suite Account Using Automated Approach

Luckily we have found a third-party tool from SysTools  that is able to merge two G Suite accounts and overcomes all the disadvantages of Data Migration Service. This tool is provided by SysTools for combining multiple Google Apps Accounts.


  • No file size restriction while merging G Suite accounts
  • Merge G Suite Domains data
  • It performs Delta Migration
  • Different filter options
  • Allow merging email, contacts, calendars, and documents (Google Drive)
  • Faster approach to merge multiple Google Apps accounts.


  • Only Demo version is Free (provide 2 complete licenses)
  • For G Suite users only (means not for free Gmail account)

Note: You can find a detailed approach to performing this task from the official website, SysTools G Suite Merge Tool >> Guide.

Method 3: Transfer Google Account data using Takeout

The only free service provided by Google for all the Google Apps users is by using Google Takeout.

It allows you to transfer multiple Google Apps from one account to another account only for a single user at a time.


1. Free method to merge Google Apps data.

2. Combine emails, calendars, contacts, documents, etc.


1. It takes too much time in downloading from the old account and uploading to a new account.

2. Only merge one account data at a time.

3. Require extra space to download data to the source computer

4. Slower Process for merging Google Apps account.

Steps for Joining Google Apps Accounts:

1. First, Login to your Google Takeout Source accounts

2. Now, select the Google Apps whose data need to be merged and click on the Next Step.

3. After that create G Apps archive containing all data.

4. Download and Save the archive data to the source computer

5. Login to the destination account & Import the downloaded data to a new account.


We have provided all the solutions to combine two Google Accounts into one account. It is an easy task, just depend upon which method you prefer. Although we recommend using method 2 which is an automated approach for combining Google Apps accounts for multiple G Suite users.

Also, that method has lesser disadvantages than the other two methods which are very important. We have tested and verified all the methods explained in this post and it is safe to use. You can choose any method you are comfortable with for combining Google’s multiple Google Apps accounts.