Common Card Making Mistakes That You Must Rectify

Are you a fan of hand-made cards? Do you enjoy making cards at home and sending it to your loved ones?

Well, if you are interested in either of these, then you must read this article. As a card maker, you tend to make certain mistakes. It is difficult to trace these errors while making cards.

However, reading or familiarizing with them is the only way to eliminate their practice. You will be more cautious while cardmaking the next time.

Avoiding these mistakes can help you to reduce wastage of paper supplies, time, and money.

Discussed here are some common card making mistakes that you must avoid-

Being casual about your workspace

Would you like to work on a cluttered desk? Not really, as it would make your task difficult to find the needful resources. Similarly, while making cards it is important to have a clear workspace that can hold your card firmly.

You can invest in a craft mat or any simple mat that can save your card from getting ruined or folded from edges. Besides, the mat restricts the flow of paint or colors to the desk below. Your desk will no longer have color stains.

Using a blunt scissor

Most good-quality cardmaking supplies have durable tools. This means that you are less likely to come across this issue. However, if it’s been a long time since you have changed your supplies, then it is time to replace them with new ones.

Check blades of your scissors, cutter, and trimmers from time-to-time. A blunt blade will make it difficult for you to cut paper. You will face trouble in cutting the edges of your card and various other objects. Cutting paper becomes a time-consuming task with a blunt scissor.

The output with a blunt scissor is quite unsatisfying and hence it is recommended to use a sharp tool.

Keeping your stamps uncleaned

You are working on a card and suddenly you felt the need to use a stamp. You imprinted it on the card and pressed the stamp with your other hand so that it leaves a clear and sharp print. But, suddenly your hand slips on the card and it gets a stain of the color you used the last time.

Now, this situation can be avoided if you practice a habit of cleaning your stamps before placing them into the kit. It is also important to clean your stamps so that they last longer than you expect. Besides, it is more convenient to use a clean stamp than a used one.

Staying unorganized

Imagine, you ordered a kit and it comes completely unorganized. The card papers are folded from the edges, pens are scattered, and a few of them are open.

Well, you definitely want to return this particular kit. To avoid this, you must order good quality cardmaking kits that belong to a reliable crafting company. Simultaneously, you must ensure that you place your supplies neatly in an organized manner after every use.

This way, it is easier to find all your supplies and last for years.

Improper use of supplies

At times, budding card makers are clueless about how to use a particular supply. You can check the description thoroughly while purchasing to understand its purpose and how to use it. The Internet is your friend and searching it online can also help you.

Simply, visit the website where you have ordered supplies as they can guide you to make optimal use of the supplies. Using them on a day-to-day basis can help you to acquire a strong grip on them.

Lack of patience

Patience is an important quality that every individual must practice in life in general. However, this quality is essential specifically while making cards. Impatience can ruin all your hard efforts within seconds. Hence, it is wise to be patient while making cards.

Don’t rush to check whether the glitter has rested on the card, let it settle overnight. Don’t check whether the marker has dried within 5-10 minutes of its use. Instead, let it dry for a couple of hours.


Card making is surely an enjoyable activity and an individual of any age group can indulge in it. However, along with fun, this activity is quite relaxing and has the power to calm your emotions and mind.